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You Don't Know Jack: The Netshow

published by Berkeley Systems in 1996, developed by Jellyvision, running on Windows
This game is no longer playable.
type: trivia/quiz
series: You Don't Know Jack
player options: Internet, single player
languages: eng

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Closed in 2000
Sanguine # 2007-11-08 04:05:41
Hilarious questions of classic trivia, pop-culture and current events. Play The Netshow 24 hours a day, 7 new episodes air every Monday. There are PC and Mac versions of the client software. PC version requires 486/66MHz, Windows9x, 8MB, 10MB disk space, Sound Blaster 16 compatible sound card, Internet access and 28.8bps, Netscape 2.x+, Internet Explorer 2.x+ or AOL 3.0
# 1999-10-24 01:38:25
Technical specs
display: raster
Authors / Staff


(web producer from berkeley systems)
Brad Dixon (on-line sales director)
Carl Forsythe (on-line systems manager)
David Houghtaling (excutive producer from jellyvision)
Diane Stonebraker (information systems manager)
Ed Mechem (beta test coordinator)
Greg Cecere (on-line sales director)
John Boyden (creative design director)
John Kerr (on-line sales director)
Leslie Mullens (producer)
Lisa Helfer (creative sound producer)
Marta S. Segal (editorial director)
Mychaelyn Rine (on-line maintenance producer)
Sandra Patyk (production coordinator)
Steve Wylie (excutive producer from berkeley systems)
Susan Duffy (advertising production manager)
Tim Sniffen (art director)
Vassilios Mavros (technical director)
Vince Bonney (on-line sales director)


Harry Gottlieb (concept)
Kevin Quinn (original music)


Allison Silverman (lead writer)
Amy Lippa (lead writer)
Brian Chard (contributing writer)
David Nathanielsz (contributing writer)
Ed Lott (interactive writing programming)
Edmund O'Brien (lead writer)
Greg Owens (lead writer)
Jason Meyer (lead writer)
Jeremy Hornik (lead writer)
Joel Husenits (contributing writer)
Kate Powers (lead writer)
Kelli Kaufmann (contributing writer)
Lina Chern (lead writer)
Mark Bazer (contributing writer)
Matthew B. Kelly (contributing writer)
Mike Brumm (lead writer)
Phil Ridarelli (contributing writer)
Sara Stewart (contributing writer)
Sean Quinn (contributing writer)
Shannon Miller (lead writer)
Steve Heinrich (contributing writer)
Steve Newman (contributing writer)
Tom Gottlieb (contributing writer)
Tom Runtz (lead writer)
Traci Todd (contributing writer)


Ben Drees (client-side development)
Carl Forsythe (server-side development)
Dan Finkelstein (server-side development)
Dan Mueller (system support engineer)
Greg Hospelhorn (client-side development)
John Endres (client-side development)
Shiraz Akmal (lead senior programmer uncredited)
Stephanie Hensey (server-side development)
Yoshi Takahashi (server-side development)


Skot Christopherson (advertising creative artist)

motion capture

Marcy Wolf (on-line promotions enterainment resource group)
William Derella (on-line promotions enterainment resource group)


CAMP Music Company Incorperated (additional music)
Ed Lott (audio tools programming)
Rob Warren (additional music)
Sky Productions (additional music)
The Sound Guy 'Artist formerly know as Reverend Bradley D. Meyer' (additional sound)


Julie Kanarowski (product marketing manager)


Lance Chau (web design)
Lance Chau (web development)


Cliff Gower (sqa staff)
Greg Jenkins (sqa staff)
Gretchen Zimmerman (sqa staff)
Henry Frummer (sqa manager)
Johnny Soulovich (sqa technical lead)
Jorge Morales (sqa staff)
Kim Abrams (content testing)
Mychaelyn Rine (content testing)
Rich Young (sqa staff)
Simon Hill (sqa staff)


'Cookie' (special thanks)
Chris Deyo (special thanks)
Doug Kay (special thanks)
John Boyden (special thanks)
Kory Stradinger (special thanks)
Naomi Quinones (special thanks)
Tom Gottlieb (special thanks)


(goddess of all things on-line)
Becca Kaufman (singer)
Ben Drees (lead engineers)
Ben Filler (singer)
Berkeley Systems/Jellyvision (copyright)
Brandon Scales (singer)
David Metzger (singer)
Jerry Adams (wan administrator from jellyvision)
Kelly Halpine (singer)
Kenosha (on-line mascot)
Larry King (singer)
Pamela Rose Nemeth (singer)
Perry Jordon (singer)
Phil Ridarelli (schmitty)
Phoebe Fuller-Spichiger (singer)
Shiraz Akmal (lead engineer)
TC Edgecomb (inspirational cheese monitor)
The Sound Guy 'Artist formerly know as Reverend Bradley D. Meyer' (additional noise)
Tom Gottlieb (cookie)
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