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Hocus Pocus

published by Apogee in 1994-06-01, developed by Moonlite Software, running on MS-DOS
type: platformer, shooter
genre: Fantasy
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Official description
Terexin, leader of the Council of Wizards, is sending the young sorcerer, Hocus, on a special mission to prove his worthiness. This mission will take Hocus to 16 unique realms, each filled with unique dangers and enemies. Few have survived Terexin's final test--for many it's a one-way trip.

Along the way Hocus will encounter dragons, imps, ghosts and 30 more unique creatures, demons and enemies. Survive, and Hocus becomes a full-fledged, card carrying Wizard. The other option is not so favorable. Awesome and beautiful 256-color VGA graphics. After every two levels of play the level graphics, background and enemies completely change, giving this game unparalleled variety. Hocus Pocus is a action platform game, with exciting puzzles built into each level's structure.

Hocus is armed with a standard magic spell (he's not yet a full Wizard, after all), but he can find several potions that give him a temporary boost of magical energy. There are potions that give Hocus the ability to shoot rapidly, jump higher, teleport and fire a devastating energy blast, among others.

* Smooth 360 degree scrolling, with a parallax background.
* Over SIX MEGS of 256-color VGA animated graphics.
* Four episodes with 36 huge levels!
* Over 30 different monsters, plus four huge bosses!
* Save/restore options, selectable skill levels, four cheat passwords!

Hocus Pocus is an addictive, action-packed, entertaining game that's comparable, or better than, anything found on the home cartridge systems.
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Hocus Pocus in-game screen.
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