Stunt Island

a.k.a. Disney's Stunt Island

published by Disney in 1992, developed by The Assembly Line, running on MS-DOS
type: flight, simulation
genre: Programming, Stunts
perspective: bird's-eye side view 1st person 3rd person other selectable fixed camera auto-scroll push-scroll
player options: single player
languages: eng other

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Often referred to as "Disney's Stunt Island." While this is a flight sim, the focus is on preforming and filming stunts rather than flying skill, scenery or combat. So its less sim, more game. Players can edit the stunts into videos and design their own stunts, videos and designes can be shared with other users.The action can be seen, from literally any perspective, since their are cameras set up to film each stunt and the player can switch between them durring their performance. 1st and 3rd person views are the most common, but some stunts will require more unique perspectives to see how to hit your marks. The conflict is primarily an 'entity v physics' and secondarily 'entity v machine'. The player's character preform stunts one at a time and is rated on how well they hit their marks (hitting marks makes for better scenes). In this 'career mode' there are 40 stunts to master. Beginning with simple ones like, fly through the canyon. But later ones are insane sounding, like land on the zeppelin, land on the moving train, or land on the skyscraper. You may recognize some of them from your favorite movies. The langcomputer tag applies because the stunt design is done in a custom, visual, even-driven language that's surprisingly easy to learn. You'll need to answer questions about the performance of aircraft (wingspan, stall speed, maximum altitude, etc..) after each install. These answers can be found in the manual but are mostly public knowledge since most of the planes in the game are real ones. It comes in a stiff carboard box (doesn't fold) with a manual and a map of the one island in the game (the set) where all the stunts are performed. Keyboard controls are available at all times. Mouse, 2-axis 2-button joystick, or 4-axis 4-button joystick (stick & throttle), are optional. This game runs under Windows 3.x & Windows 95. The display seems to be 3D polygons, but its very primitive and does not use 3D acceleration. But it has the advantage of being playable on a 33MHz system.
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Authors / Staff

Adrian Stephens
Ronald J. Fortier

External reviews (3) - average: 89.7% - median: 92%

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Génération 4 (1-82)fr521993-0292/10092%
Tilt 39-113fr1111993-0217/2085%

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