EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus

a.k.a. Eco Quest - The Search for Cetus

created and published by Sierra On-Line in 1991, running on MS-DOS
type: edutainment, adventure
genre: Point-and-click adventure
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
languages: eng ger

Editor note

According to Sierra, the DOS version required for the original (disk version) is literally "DOS". Since DOS 3.0 was the first to use 286 features, I'm using that in this game entry (DOS 6.22 will run on an 8080). The disk versions of the game can officially be patched to be identical to the CD version which required DOS 5.0.
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Authors / Staff


Daniel Carver (producer)
Ken Williams (executive producer)
Tammy Dargan (producer)
William C. Davis (creative director)
William D. Skirvin (director)


Gano Haine (designer)
Gano Haine (game designer)
Jane Jensen (designer)
Jane Jensen (game designer)


Bill Hilton (cd conversion q)
Bob Andrews (programmer)
Christopher Tudor-Smith (development system)
Dan Foy (development system)
Hugh Diedrichs (programmer)
J. Mark Hood (development system)
Jeff Stephenson (development system)
Jerry Shaw (programmer)
Jerry Shaw (lead programmer)
Ken Koch (development system)
Larry B. Scott (development system)
Mark Wilden (development system)
Matthew Genesi (cd conversion q)
Max Deardorff (programmer)
Neil Matz (programmer)
Neil Matz (lead programmer)
Randy MacNeill (programmer)
Rick Comstock (programmer)
Scott Murphy (programmer)
Terry McHenry (development system)
Tina Deardorff (cd conversion q)


Dana M. Dean (artist)
Dennis Lewis (graphics)
Dennis Lewis (artwork)
Dennis Lewis (background artist)
Desie Hartman (graphics)
Desie Hartman (artwork)
Desie Hartman (animator)
Donald Waller (artist)
Donald Waller (graphics)
Donald Waller (artwork)
Donald Waller (animator)
Eric Kasner (artist)
Jennifer Schontz (graphics)
Jennifer Schontz (artwork)
Jennifer Schontz (animator)
Jennifer Schontz (background artist)
John Shroades (graphics)
John Shroades (artwork)
John Shroades (animator)
John Shroades (background artist)
Karin Ann Young (graphics)
Karin Ann Young (artwork)
Karin Ann Young (animator)
Maurice Morgan (graphics)
Maurice Morgan (artwork)
Maurice Morgan (background artist)
Max Deardorff (artist)
Michael Hutchinson (graphics)
Michael Hutchinson (artwork)
Michael Hutchinson (animator)
Michael Hutchinson (background artist)
Russell Truelove (graphics)
Russell Truelove (artwork)
Russell Truelove (animator)
Terrence C. Falls (graphics)
Terrence C. Falls (artwork)
Terrence C. Falls (artwork)
Terrence C. Falls (background artists)
Vasken N. Sayre (graphics)
Vasken N. Sayre (artwork)
Vasken N. Sayre (background artists)
William D. Skirvin (art designer)
William D. Skirvin (background artist)


Aubrey Hodges (music)
Aubrey Hodges (sound effects)
Chris Braymen (music)
Chris Braymen (composer)
Chris Braymen (music)
Chris Braymen (sound effects)
Dan Kehler (music)
Dan Kehler (sound effects)
Mark Seibert (music)
Mark Seibert (sound effects)
Orpheus Hanley (music)
Orpheus Hanley (sound effects)


Bill Hilton (quality assurance)
Daniel Scott (quality assurance)
Danny A. Woolard (quality assurance)
Dave Clingman (quality assurance)
David Artis (quality assurance)
David Fleming (quality assurance)
Douglas Wheeler (quality assurance)
Gary Cox (quality assurance)
Gordon Owens (quality assurance)
Jason Hickingbottom (quality assurance)
Joe Carper (quality assurance)
John Ratcliffe (quality assurance)
Joseph Perry (quality assurance)
Judy Crites (quality assurance)
Keri Cooper (quality assurance)
Matthew Genesi (quality assurance)
Max Deardorff (quality assurance)
Michael Brosius (quality assurance)
Mike Pickhinke (quality assurance)
Robin Bradley (quality assurance)
Roger Pyle (quality assurance)
Rose Lewis (quality assurance)
Sharon Hoban-Smith (quality assurance)
Sharon Simmons (quality assurance)
Susan Simmons (quality assurance)
Victor Sadauskas (quality assurance)
William C. Davis (quality assurance)


Brett Miller (special thanks)
Brett Miller (special programming thanks)
Corey Cole (special programming thanks)
John Wentworth (special thanks)
John Wentworth (special programming thanks)
Steve Conrad (special thanks)
Steve Conrad (special programming thanks)
Tina Deardorff (special thanks)


Special Thanks:
Voice Actors:


Barry T. Smith (narcissus)
Bill Hilton (lip syncing)
Bill Hilton (a)
Brittany Benov (delphineus)
Christopher Tudor-Smith (interpreter)
Dan Foy (interpreter)
Dana M. Dean (lip syncing)
Dave Clingman (config team)
Diana Mulligan (config team)
Donald Waller (lip syncing)
Dore Zwingman (demeter)
Dore Zwingman (olympia)
Dore Zwingman (oracle)
Douglas Wheeler (config team)
Dylan Skirvin (adam)
Dylan Skirvin (system messages)
Eric Kasner (lip syncing)
Frederick D. Gott (gregarious)
J. Mark Hood (interpreter)
Jeff Stephenson (interpreter)
Jon Meek (config team)
Jon R. Smoot (adam's father)
Josh Mandel (hippocrates)
Ken Koch (interpreter)
Keri Cooper (lip syncing)
Keri Cooper (config team)
Larry B. Scott (interpreter)
Lynne Dayton (configuration lead)
Mark Wilden (interpreter)
Mary O'Cleary (narrator)
Matthew Genesi (a)
Max Deardorff (lip syncing)
Michael Brosius (config team)
Michael D. Jones (config team)
Michael Springthorpe (erroneous)
Orpheus Hanley (fish)
Richard Aronson (superfluous)
Richard Powell (fisherman)
Richard Spurgeon (lip syncing)
Roger Clendenning (config team)
Sharon Simmons (config team)
Terrence C. Falls (epidermis)
Terry McHenry (interpreter)
Tina Deardorff (a)
Tina Deardorff (configuration lead)
Walt Danneman (cetus)

External reviews (3) - average: 82.7% - median: 83%

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Génération 4 (1-82)fr431992-0483/10083%
Tilt 39-113fr1021992-0515/2075%

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EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus (MS-DOS)
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