Super Mario Bros.

a.k.a. スーパーマリオブラザーズ / Super Irmãos

created and published by Nintendo in 1985-09-13, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: platformer
genre: Mario universe, Hop and bop
series: Mario, Super Mario Bros.
perspective: side view push-scroll
player options: single player
languages: eng

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Personal review

One of the most important and best-selling games in history. This game was the #1 reason to buy a NES console in its early days. Perfect controls, nice graphics and sounds for its time. Varied levels with many secrets. The major breakthrough for side-scrolling platform games.

# 2009-02-17 00:46:04

Official description

Super Mario Bros. is the pinnacle of pure, unblemished gaming. The 2D platformer, designed by Nintendo's legendary figurehead Shigeru Miyamoto, still remains in our minds the most intuitive and addictive entry in the genre. The title stars "Jump Man" himself, Mario, along with his brother Luigi, and takes players through more than 30 colorful levels of varied theme and design, all of them packed with cute, stylized enemies like the goombas and a wide array of platforms and obstacles. Super Mario Bros. is the first major showpiece for Nintendo's heightened quality of gaming: full of depth, layered with tight control and remarkably clever level creation that spills with secrets and extras.
# 2012-07-15 05:38:00 - official description

Technical specs

additional hardware: NES Classic,
display: raster

Editor notes (2)

Also released on a compilation grouping Tetris, Super Mario Bros. and Nintendo World Cup (Only in Europe).
# 2007-09-11 23:38:27
First side-scrolling Mario game. Huge sales for the NES, both in Japan and the USA. A superb platformer and early benchmark for the NES and 8-bit consoles.

Guinness World Records reports this game as the best selling game of all time at 40230000 copies.

Landing squarely on an enemies head to defeat them is the first and most common tactic in this game. It was available at the launch time of the NES in the USA (Famicom?). It stars Mario the plumber. he main plot includes rescuing the unfortunate Princess in distress, and saving her kingdom; which is threatened by Bowser. Successful completion of the game completes a story of deliverance. Other royal subjects can be rescued optionally. The common bricks in the game can be smashed directly or by hurdling enemies at them. Although a glitch, Mario or Luigi can preform wall jumps.
Zerothis - # 2006

Authors / Staff

Shigeru Miyamoto

External reviews (5) - average: 80.6% - median: 75%

review sourcecountryissuedatescore   
Aktueller Software Markt (ASM)de151987-108/1266%
Génération 4 (1-82)fr11987-Q498/10098%
The Games Machineuk21987-1289/10089%
Tilt 39-113fr461987-1015/2075%
Tilt 39-113fr491987-1215/2075%

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Super Mario Bros. in-game screen.
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Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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