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Liberty or Death

a.k.a. 独立戦争: Liberty or Death / Dokuritsu Sensou: Liberty or Death

created and published by Koei in 1993, running on Super Nintendo
type: simulation, strategy
genre: Historical
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

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Official description
Relive the American Revolution with LIBERTY OR DEATH. Take the role of George Washington as you try to raise money to build forts, supply troops, and create new weapons. Once the infrastructure is in place, lead your armies into battle. Have direct battlefield confrontation or use guerilla tactics to inflict damage. To gain some additional advantages, have the Navy take control of the high seas. If you¿d rather lead the British Army to victory, then take the role of Thomas Gage and make different decisions. With LIBERY OR DEATH, you just might change history.
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Japanese version released in 1994
Its 1775 and the revolutionary war is about to begin. Will you be The British commander or will you be Geroge Washington. Will you change history or be changed by it. This a war simulation game.
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Technical specs
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Liberty or Death in-game screen.
Liberty or Death (Super Nintendo)
Liberty or Death (Super Nintendo)
Liberty or Death (Super Nintendo)
Liberty or Death (Super Nintendo)
Liberty or Death (Super Nintendo)
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