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a.k.a. ベースボール

created and published by Nintendo in 1983-12-07, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: sport
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player, shared-screen
languages: eng jpn

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Personal reviews (2)
One of the early titles from Nintendo's sports line-up. Baseball is really impressive for its time. The controls and perspective are what would become a standard throughout 2D Baseball games for many years to come. Today you would want to see at least some kind of league mode though and it feels a bit dated.

# 2008-11-19 23:59:52
NES Baseball was part of Nintendo's original list of titles, released with the system back in 1984. It was graphically the best baseball game of the time. Like the other NES games of the time, it was as advanced as games got on the 8-bit platform. But, that didn't guarantee an easy to play game.
# 2006
Official description
Play 9 innings of major league baseball competition with realistic 3-D graphics featuring close-up and overview of the field perspectives. Select your team, and step-up to the plate against a computer opponent or a friend - for twice the fun. You control the swing of the bat. The speed of the pitch. The hits, the steals, the double-plays! Even hear the roar of the crowd as you hit a home run and race across the plate to score!
# 2011-11-01 22:38:39 - official description
Technical specs
display: raster
Editor note
1 player or 2 players simultaneous.
(Zerothis) - # 2009-06-15 01:32:40
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ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)uk181989-03624/100062%
C&VG (Computer & Video Games) 85+uk901989-0447/10047%
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Baseball in-game screen.
Baseball (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Baseball (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Baseball (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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