published by AGCI / Sharedata / HES Interactive in 1990, developed by Sharedata, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: shooting gallery
genre: Horror
perspective: 1st person fixed camera
player options: single player, shared-screen
languages: eng

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Official description

On a dull day in the Middle Ages, you overhear Town Elders discussing a sinister presence which has invaded the castle on the outskirts of town. Evil talismans hidden inside a castle have caused the dead to come back to life. If the spirits are not released quickly, they will mass into an army of the Undead and overtake the town! Creeping through the graveyard on your way to the castle, half-chewed arms and skulls with gnashing teeth attempt to stop you. Diabolical scenes greet you. Ever hear how a person sounds when in an iron maiden? But then you did say you wanted adventure, didn't you?
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1 player or 2 players simultaneous cooperative.
Published by American Game Cartridges, Inc. (AGCI). A two player Zapper Game. Or one player can use two Zappers at once. The game can also use a conventional controller in place of either or both Zappers. The direction pad will move cross hairs around the screen. A second player is not required with only one controller or Zapper.
AGCI was a subsidiary of Sharedata, the copyright for this game is actually owned by Sharedata. It seems that when Sharedata decided to start making NES games, they turned to Color Dreams. Sharedata licensed all Color Dreams' development tools and their cartridge design. A few Chiller carts were actually published by Sharedata in the Color Dreams cart before their AGCI subsidiary was formed. These Sharedata copies were manufactured by Color Dreams on their behalf.

A note on the game's story. As with the arcade game, the object is not to shoot living people or animals, but to shoot undead creatures (zombies). This is an important distinction. For instance, this game is banned in Singapore,
because of the zombies. Like the arcade game, living creatures must be protected and bonuses are given for feeding them (zombie leftovers). Wait, there's more! The player(s) score points for shooting anything not living, anything. Plus there's hidden things to shoot. As the story goes, a curse has caused all the local dead to become undead zombies. To lift the curse, the player(s) must destroy the 8 talismans hidden among the zombies. Note also, that this game is set in the middle ages (late 1500s most likely), so the torture devices are not out of place. The late 1500s also means pistols are not inconceivable, but it would seem the protagonists are actually using crossbows as they were faster to reload, more accurate, cheaper, more abundant, and the ammo was easier to obtain in the copious amounts used here, than muzzle loading pistols

Despite being an unlicensed game, AGCI decided to censor this game for its NES release. The arcade game included bare female zombie breasts (once the player shot off her shirt and bra), a zombie monk with a cart of body parts, a copious amount of body parts on the floor of the Torture Chamber, and the ability to rip flesh from zombies in the Rack Room. In the NES version, breasts are not visible, extra body parts are absent, flesh is already ripped from the Rack Room zombies, and the undead monk is replaced by an undead nun pushing an undead baby in a baby carriage (the object is still to shoot the zombies).

In addition to some inexplicable censorship, there are various differences from the arcade version. The levels are completed in reverse order. Their are 8 talismans instead of 32. A disembodied that moved from the far end of the hall toward the player in the arcade, cannot, due so on the NES for lack of a proper graphics scaling feature. It moves around the level differently.

This game has extreme gore, dismemberments, crushings, beheadings, zombie eating, and splatter. More than any other NES game, possibly more than any other game period excluding the Arcade version it is based on. Players use crossbows (unseen, read above).

AGCI was not only able to get a Zapper to function in port 1 of the NES (something Nintendo said was not possible), but was able to get two at once to function. Play with a friend or dual wield two Zappers (choose one player and two zappers on the menu). Is their any other home game that allows real dual wielding by the player instead of just the character?
Suicidal zombie. One of the zombies attempts to kill itself out of desperation by ripping off its own head and tossing it into an open burning grave. This is ineffective and this zombie only dies when the curse is lifted.

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Technical specs

display: raster

Authors / Staff


Christopher Erhardt (producer)


Sharedata (copyright owner)

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