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Dragon Quest III: And into the Legend…

a.k.a. Dragon Warrior 3 / ドラゴンクエストIII そして伝説へ… / Dragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e... / Doragon Kuesuto Surī Soshite Densetsu e… / Dragon Warrior III

published by Enix in 1988-02-10, developed by Chunsoft, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: role-play
genre: Fantasy
series: Dragon Quest
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

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Personal reviews (2)
The third game in the "Dragon Quest" series is a big improvement compared to its two predecessors. Your party now consists of four heroes, whose classes you are free to choose. The game is bigger, has a better storyline with a legendary story twist towards the end of the game and has some memorable places and scenes like the phantom ship. The job changing system is also very innovative and gives extra motivation to build your "ultimate" party. As this is an console RPG of the 80's the leveling-up process still consists mainly of fighting random monster encounters. The time you spend leveling is not as long as in its predecessors but its still there and can become a bit tedious. The graphics stay basically the same as before. Here and there a few animations more, but nothing spectacular. The same can be said about the music.

# 2013-02-09 18:02:29
Dragon Warrior is called Dragon Quest in Japan. This game is a must-have. A great classical hero-who-saves-the-world story. There is a great remake of this game for the SNES, but it's only available to Japanese readers, at least until someone translates it.
# 2006
Official description
The Legacy of Erdrick Continues...

On your 16th birthday, you wake to the sound of your mother's voice. "This is the day you are to see the King of Aliahan." Your mother has raised you to be a brave lad and you must now carry on your father's legacy. He was a legendary warrior of Aliahan, who suffered death at the hands of a fiendish monster. "If not stopped, the Archfiend Baramos will certainly destroy our world", the King says. Your challenge, your destiny - the Destruction of Baramos. With three allies of your choosing, you are set to embark on your quest to save the world from Baramos...your final enemy?

* 8 Classes of characters to select from: Hero, Soldier, Pilgrim, Wizard, Fighter, Merchant, Sage, and Goof-Off.
* Change classes of your characters mid-game.
* Main story contains dozens of intricate subplots.
* Travel day and night.
* Gamble on monster battles at the Fight Rings.
* Select from an expanded arsenal of weapons, armor and spells.
* Visit over 40 castles, towns, villages and shrines.
# 2017-02-09 19:03:03 - official description
Technical specs
display: raster
Editor note
There is apparently a law in Japan that forbids the release of DragonQuest game on a schooldays. While this is sometime attributed to that fact that DragonQuest III caused a huge disruption when release on a schoolday, the fact is that Enix voluntarily decided to not release subsequent DragonQuest games on schooldays before the law went into effect.

The game has 14 full length songs available in the album, Dragon Quest III ~And Into the Legend...~ Remix Symphonic Suite by Sony Records in 1996. Not eligible for a Grammy due to the snubbing of Videogames as an art form.

Chronologically the third game published, and marked "III", but the storyline precedes the first DragonQuest game. It also is set in a different world than its timeline sequels. This world's geography largely parallels Earth and cities vaguely represent different cultures of earth. However it is clearly not earth and while it adheres to an early medieval technology level, it references Earth cultures that span many thousands of years apart from each other.
(Zerothis) - # 2009-06-23 22:18:07
External review - average: 95%
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Dragon Quest III: And into the Legend… in-game screen.
Dragon+Quest+III+And+into+the+Legend... ()
Dragon+Quest+III+And+into+the+Legend... ()
Dragon Quest III: And into the Legend… (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Dragon Quest III: And into the Legend… (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Dragon Quest III: And into the Legend… (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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