a.k.a. 燃えろ!!ジュニアバスケット ツー オン ツー / Moero!! Junior Basket: Two on Two

published by Jaleco / Jaleco USA in 1988-11-22, developed by Aicom, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: sport
genre: Basketball, Street game
perspective: bird's-eye other (dimetric)
player options: single player, shared-screen
languages: eng jpn

Official description

Gym rats, beware! HOOPS takes you out to the asphault, where basketball is a half-court game of fast hands, faster moves and slam-jam-thank-you-Sam dunks! The legends of the Playground are all here: Mr. Doc, Jammer, Legs, Bomber, Wiz, eight players in all. You can pit them one-on-one or two-on-two. You pick the court - Eastern or Western - and you pick the rules, too. You can play against the computer or one other player. Or you can even team up with another player against the computer. You can block shots, make steals, pass off or go strong to the hoop - in fact, you control just about everything in this ultra-realistic rendition of the playground game. Except, of course, the final score. But win or lose, you know you've been in a game after you've played a game of HOOPS!
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Technical specs

display: raster

Editor note

Moero!! Junior Basket published 1988-11-22 in Japan
NES-2B-USA, Hoops, published 1989-06 in the USA
Hoops, published 1989 in Europe

A 2-on-2 or 1-on-1 half court match. AI players can be substituted for human players. The court boundaries are drawn in perspective view but the court area and players are not drawn in perspective. When making a shot, the view zooms in and becomes trimetric,
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External review - average: 60%

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Electronic Gaming Monthlyus31989-0924/4060%

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Hoops in-game screen.
Hoops (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Hoops (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Hoops (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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