Knight Rider

a.k.a. ナイトライダー / 나이트 라이더

published by Pack-In-Video / Acclaim Entertainment in 1988-09-30, developed by Pack-In-Video, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: racing/driving, shooter
genre: Car combat, Vehicular combat
series: Knight Rider
perspective: 1st person push-scroll
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

Official description

KITT is more than a car, it's an extension of you, Michael Knight! With radar, lasers, missiles and a turbo-boost that catapults you 50 feet in the air, KITT has no equal. And now, on your most dangerous assignment ever, you take off on a high-speed adventure against a gang of ruthless criminals. You'll race day and night through sizzling deserts, icy mountains, big city freeways and more! It's up to you and KITT to bring these thieves to justice! Go get 'em Michael Knight. Get every last one!
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Technical specs

display: raster

Editor note

Although this game is based on a North American TV series, it was first published in Japan 1988-09 and then Korea shortly after. It did not reach the USA until 15 months later. Other North American TV series based games, such as the Sesame street series and Gilligan's Island, were not even published outside of North America. Airwolf, another North American TV series that enjoyed international success, was also published first in Japan.

The UPC code is said to be 0-21481-10302-8 by some sources. But 3-61622-01111-0 is used most often. As Acclaim prints its barcodes on the side of its packages, it is not often seen in online scans of their game boxes. Both codes may be valid, but I have not visually confirmed either of them. Also, I could not locate the Korean and European product barcodes; one of the above codes may be from a European version.
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External review - average: 16%

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Aktueller Software Markt (ASM)de471990-122/1216%

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Knight Rider in-game screen.
Knight Rider (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Knight Rider (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Knight Rider (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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