Mega Man 2

a.k.a. Mega Man II / Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo / Rockman 2: The Enigma of Dr. Wily / ロックマン2 Dr.ワイリーの謎 / ロックマン2 Dr. ワイリーの謎

created and published by Capcom in 1988-12-24, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: platformer, shooter
genre: Science Fiction, Manga, Run and Gun
series: Mega Man
setting: Future
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

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Official description

Widely regarded by fans as one of the greatest action games of all time, Mega Man 2 is the second title in the seminal NES series. With even more stages and robot masters than the previous instalment, its sheer size and scope are enough to get any action gamer's heart palpitating. The year is 200X. Dr. Light's super-robot, Mega Man, has succeeded in smashing the evil ambition of the nefarious Dr. Wily, and peace reigns over the planet. However, Dr. Wily proves to be a hard man to keep down and has returned with a new army of robot masters in tow to challenge our hero. Can Mega Man save the world again?
# 2008-09-16 00:49:22 - official description


(Excerpt from
Dr Wily's at it again. After his crushing defeat at the hands of Mega Man, Dr. Wily decided to create eight new super Robot Masters to conquer Mega Man. As Mega Man confronts the new robots, Dr Light equips him with three special items along the way to make his quest easier. Improving the overall look and gameplay, Mega Man II was a sure hit and an instant classic in the series ...

In the year of 200X, a super robot named Mega Man was created. Dr. Light created Megaman to stop the evil desires of Dr. Wily. However, after his defeat, Dr. Wily created eight of his own robots to counter Mega Man.
# 2006

Technical specs

additional hardware: NES Classic,
display: raster

Authors / Staff


A. K. (planner)


2m03cm Man (character design)
A. K. (character design)
Akira Yoshida (crash man design)
Hirofumi Mizoguchi (quick man design)
Keiji Inafune 'Inafking' (character design)
Masakatsu Ichikawa (wood man design)
Masanori Satou (metal man design)
Nagineko (character design)
Takashi Tanaka (bubble man design)
Tom Pon (character design)
Tomoo Yamaguchi (flash man design)
Toshiyuki Kataoka (heat man design)
Yasukichi (character design)
Youji Kanazawa (air man design)


H. M. D. (programmer)


Manami Ietel (sound)
Ogeretsu Kun (sound)
Yuukichan's Papa (sound)


Akimitsu Tsubata (special thanks)
Fish Man (special thanks)
Hideaki Kawai (special thanks)
Hirofumi Moriiwa (special thanks)
Hiroyuki Maetani (special thanks)
Hiroyuki Tannai (special thanks)
Jun Kato (special thanks)
Junichi Kanda (special thanks)
Kazunari Suzuki (special thanks)
Kazuya Wakazuki (special thanks)
Kenji Kinoue (special thanks)
Makoto Ogoma (special thanks)
Mamoru Asoshina (special thanks)
Masahiro Takahashi (special thanks)
Masaki Satou (special thanks)
Masashi Yamauchi (special thanks)
Michiaki Hama (special thanks)
Michinari Satou (special thanks)
Ryouji Yasuda (special thanks)
Seiji Tanaka (special thanks)
Seikou Jougan (special thanks)
Shigehisa Iinuma (special thanks)
Shin Ienaka (special thanks)
Takashi Umezawa (special thanks)
Takayuki Wakisaka (special thanks)
Takeo Morimoto (special thanks)
Takeshi Arai (special thanks)
Taketsugu Wakabayashi (special thanks)
Takumi Yoshinaga (special thanks)
Tatsuya Kasai (special thanks)
Tetsuya Miura (special thanks)
Tomohiro Hosoya (special thanks)
Toshiteru Ogura (special thanks)
Yasuhito Sasaki (special thanks)
Yasuto Nakamura (special thanks)
Yoshiaki Gotou (special thanks)
Yoshiaki Nanki (special thanks)
Yoshitomo Kodama (special thanks)
Youji Miyamoto (special thanks)
Yukio Hasegawa (special thanks)
Yuu Yamazaki (special thanks)

External reviews (4) - average: 92.5% - median: 92.5%

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Consoles + (1-155)fr01991-0795/10095%
Mean Machinesuk41991-0195/10095%
Player Onefr71991-0390/10090%
Tilt 39-113fr891991-0418/2090%

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Mega Man 2 in-game screen.
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Mega Man 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Mega Man 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Mega Man 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Mega Man 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Mega Man 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Mega Man 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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