Agent USA

a.k.a. Agent U.S.A.

published by Scholastic in 1985, developed by Tom Snyder Productions, running on MS-DOS
type: action/reflex, edutainment, trivia/quiz
genre: Science Fiction
perspective: bird's-eye side view fixed camera
player options: single player
other: Shareware
languages: eng

Personal review

Not really a DOS game as it wasn't installed or required no O/S to be installed on the PC.

It's a so called "PC booter" game.
# 2008-01-11 22:27:56


This is a boot loading game that does not require an operating system be running on the computer (the disk provides its own). It only needs an 8088/8086 IBM-PC or compatible computer.

You play Agent USA as he attempts to eradicate the FuzzBomb epidemic. He must grow the only cure for the FuzzBomb, crystals, that replicate only when laid still outdoors. Since they cure the infected (FuzzBodies), they extremely valuable to the average citizen that does not want to be infected. They are likely to be stolen while replicating. If a citizen or Agent USA are holding crystals when touched by a FuzzBody, a crystal is destroyed rather getting the infection. Agent USA can block or push citizens to protect his crystal farm. Additionally, a FuzzBody is cured and becomes a normal citizen if they touch (and break) a crystal. Agent USA will be traveling the US via trains. Fuzzbodies will be spreading the infection in the mean time. And the original FuzzBomb is located in one of the infected cities. The ultimate goal is to find the source, the original FuzzBomb, and drop 100 crystals on it.

This is an edutainment game that introduces train scheduling, ticket buying, geography, time zones, and epidemic spread.
zerothis # 2019-04-23 12:33:33

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display: raster

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Agent USA in-game screen.
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