Paperboy 2

a.k.a. Paperboy II

published by Mindscape in 1991, developed by Tengen, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: racing/driving, action/reflex
series: Paperboy
perspective: bird's-eye (axiometric)auto-scroll
player options: single player, shared-screen, hotseat
languages: eng


All version developed by Tengen
NES-Y7-???, UPC: 0-50047-11009-5, published by Mindscape 1991 in Canada
NES-Y7-USA, UPC: 0-50047-11009-5, published by Mindscape 1992-04 in the USA
NES-Y7-ESP, UPC: 0-50047-11012-5, published 1992-06-06 by Mindscape in Spain
NES-Y7-NOE published 1992-06-06 by Mindscape in Germany
NES-Y7-FRA, UPC: 0-50047-11012-5, published 1992 by Mindscape in France
NES-Y7-UKV, UPC: 0-50047-11012-5, published 1992 by Mindscape in the United Kindom
1 player or 2 players simultaneous mode and alternating mode (hotseat)

The object of paperboy is to throw a newspaper to every house that subscribes without hitting bystanders with your papers or bike, breaking windows, or other wise causing 'trouble'. Ideally, the paper should land directly in their mailbox. But you must also avoid angry dogs, malevolent people, cars, ghosts, tire throwing rednecks, cannon fire, kiddy gangs, sewer grates, sewer dwellers, and other such hazards. Players can only carry a limited number of papers and often must pickup another bundle along the way. The player might stop criminals breaking in to places or shooting at police by hitting them with a paper.
This version features a two player option. Either player can choose a boy or girl rider independently in any combination. For the main mode, the play is alternating. This mode unusually allows player 1 to finish their entire route before player 2 does the same, regardless if the players lose lives during their turn (most games switch when lives are lost.) The setup suggests that the riders had completed their routes simultaneously but player 1 is always waiting at the end of their route for player 2. Then the simultaneous mode begins. Then players race each other through an obstacle/job practice course. (a single player races the course alone). The whole process repeats the next day. The subscribers change based partially on how well the players deliver their papers.
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display: raster, raster

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Joypad 1-72fr141992-1125/10025%
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Paperboy 2 in-game screen.
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Paperboy 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Paperboy 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Paperboy 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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