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Race America

a.k.a. Corvette ZR-1 Challenge / Alex DeMeo's Race America

published by Milton Bradley / Absolute Entertainment in 1990, developed by Imagineering, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: racing/driving
perspective: 3rd person bird's-eye side view
player options: single player, split-screen, shared-screen
languages: eng

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Corvette ZR-1 Challenge by Milton Bradley in 1991
NES-RB-US Race America by Absolute Entertainment, Inc. in 1992-05

A unique take for 8-bit racing. The view switches based on context. Players are put on the starting line in 3Dish side view. This is a drag race, there's potholes to avoid, the winner gets a bonus. After the dash from the standing start, they cars keep rolling and the view switches to third-person split screen. But, the upper split view takes a major portion of the screen. The big view, is for the leading character. The lower split view is for 2nd place. It is very small but other wise an identical camera to the larger view. Red's (Player 1) small view is attached to the left side of the screen while Blue's view is attached to the right. When Red and Blue are close to each other, the view switches again to overhead and they battle for the bigger 3rd person screen.

Races for both versions are City-to-city open road courses in North America and bystanders will have to be dodged. The cities are Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Cincinnati, Detroit, Chicago, Kansas City, Dallas, Denver, and Los Angeles. Each segment of the race ends at one of these cities (except Boston, where the race begins). There are turns and hills. Gas cans on the road need to be picked up, go slower than 100 MPH and run over it. A full tank lasts about 300 miles but varies slightly with fuel efficiency that depends on how the car is driven and the various hills and turns. All the drivers have identical cars but the AI is different. AJ Turbo is the hardest to beat.

Depending on what version you play, you'll be racing Corvettes (European version), Dodge Vipers (North America), or generic vehicles with made-up model numbers that strongly resemble the Corvette or Viper and have identical specs of said vehicles.

, shift up (must use clutch)
, shift down (must use clutch)
, steer left (even during the drag race)
, steer right (even during the drag race)
NO BUTTONS, engage clutch
A, accelerate
B, brake
Start, pause
Select, not used?

Opponents (easiest first):
  1. Lance Slick
  2. Mike Linguini
  3. Derrick Stetson
  4. Ito Speedo
  5. Va-Va Vroom
  6. Pierre Sedan
  7. Hans Von Brakemann
  8. AJ Turbo

On the first title screen simultaneously hold A+B+SELECT and then hold START. A tone will indicate if you've activated the cheat

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Technical specs
display: raster
Editor note
UPC 0-18706-20893-4 is used extensively in relationship to the North American version this game and apparently no other products and is a valid code. However, all North American packages I've seen use 0-99451-72206-7
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Authors / Staff


Alex DeMeo (designing)
Frank Covitz (additional designing)


Alex DeMeo (programming)
Frank Covitz (programmer)


Mike Sullivan (graphics)


Alex DeMeo (audio engineering)
Mark Van Hecke (musical arrangements)
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The race is out of the starting area. The currently leading player gets the upper view
Race America (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Race America (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Race America (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Race America (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Race America (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Race America (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Race America (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Race America (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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