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Bionic Commando

created and published by Capcom in 1992-10, running on Game Boy
type: platformer
series: Bionic Commando
perspective: side view
player options: single player

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Official description
The Albetross, a weapon of untold power, has fallen into the hands of terrorists. It is up to the Bionic Commando to destroy the weapon and rescue his friend Super Joe. You've got to guide the hero through multiple levels of action, where you will encounter a large number of enemies. Luckily, you can blast through the enemies with a variety of weapons, and mastering the use of the cybernetic grappling hook will help you explore every inch of every environment. Once you clear a level, you will receive upgraded weapons and a password that will let bypass the stages you have beaten. You're the only one who can destroy the Albetross and rescue Super Joe in Bionic Commando.
# 2012-07-12 03:12:01 - official description
This was similiar to the NES version, but it had a few differences. First, some of the earlier boards were split up versions of the NES version. Second, there were new boards to play. And finally, there was a password system. Still, the game is pretty nice if you're a fan of the NES version, as there are new challenges to try.
# 2004-09-30 00:04:35
Technical specs
display: raster
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External reviews (3) - average: 89% - median: 90%
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Joypad 1-72fr161993-0190/10090%
Player Onefr341993-0987/10087%
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Bionic Commando in-game screen.
Bionic Commando (Game Boy)
Bionic Commando (Game Boy)
Bionic Commando (Game Boy)
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