Sanrio Carnival

created and published by Character Soft in 1991, running on Game Boy
type: puzzle
genre: Manga, Falling blocks, Match 3, Visual matching
perspective: other
player options: single player, cable/nullmodem
languages: jpn


Game description from

This is a pretty fun little game. You've probably seen this kind of thing before though. However, this is different because it's Sanrio, and Sanrio just kicks ass. :) Six Feet Under finished this in about three days, which makes sense, as there's not a whole lot to translate. Anyway, what you do is try to line up three blocks of the same type, and you can do this in either direction, even diagonal. The blocks come in twos, so some clever maneuvering is required to make that other block fall just where you want it after the first one is cleared. The game ranges from nice-n-fun to downright evil, as can be seen from the screenshots. Stick with the easy stuff, unless you enjoy having a headache.

Unofficial English translation available:

(cjlee001) - # 2006

Technical specs

display: raster

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Sanrio Carnival in-game screen.
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