Beast Wrestler

a.k.a. Beast Warriors / ビースト・ウォリアーズ

published by Telenet Japan / SEGA in 1991-11-29, developed by Riot, running on Mega Drive
type: fighting
genre: Fantasy
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player, shared-screen
languages: eng jpn

Official description

War of the Manmade Monsters!

Life Science industries of the future have created the world's greatest sports warriors. Averaging 25 feet tall and weighing several tons each, these gigantic wrestlers grapple for the ultimate championship!

Control your own titanic beast and master the various techniques. Use prize money to beef up your giant or enroll him in battle training events. Word with a Life Science team to create the most powerful fighter ever designed by man!

* Choose from a variety of bizarre and mighty Super Beasts!
* Defeat the domestic champion to take on World-ranked players.
* 1 or 2 Player earth-shaking, blockbusting action!
# 2014-12-15 11:23:15 - official description

Comments (3)

* Air-hohle — a brown winged creature
* Diecoon — naga with horn
* Federico — armadillo-lizard?
* Mlobolos — similar to diecoon, but upper body is strange
* Arelow — a blob
* Oct — an orange blob on tentacles
* Proglarse — a chubby winged thing with tattoos
* HAX-004 — a dark knight like robot?
* Macalha — an orange winged thing
* Ominos T-2 — a two-headed black naga-like thing

Can't claim I got all the names right as the font employed by the game is hard to read occasionally.
Sanguine # 2009-09-06 21:06:11
A Street Fighter clone featuring monsters, aliens, cyborgs, and demons. At least the isometric visuals are original to this one.
# 2006 - 2 replies
As the name suggests, Beast Wrestler is a wrestling game featuring an array of bizarre-looking creatures. However, the game just feels sluggish, like more thought was put into the creature design than the game itself.
(Jacquismo) - # 2006

Technical specs

display: raster

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Beast Wrestler in-game screen.
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Beast Wrestler (Mega Drive)
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