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Bill Walsh College Football '95

published by EA Sports in 1994, developed by High Score Productions, running on Mega Drive
type: sport
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player

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Official description
"The ultimate college football sim" -Die Hard Game Fan

* Track position ratings & stats all season; if your tailback is missing the holes - check his energy level - he may be sucking wind.
* Use the Tee formation in the red zone or run the option anytime.
* Check your weekly ranking; accept a bowl bid or go to the playoffs.
* New Windowless Passing shows all three receivers downfield.
* Big time college football rivalries.

* 36 Division 1A teams
* In-depth "Walsh reports" scout each team
* Customize a season; 1-16 weeks
* Deep player stats throughout season
* Windowless Passing Mode
* Choose from bowl game or playoff system
* Weekly national and divisional rankings
* On-screen player ratings with fatigue factor
* 36 New plays & formations include Veer, Tee Offense & 4-4 D
* Unique team traditions
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Comments (2)
As with ALL good sport games, electronic encyclopedias, etc., the year is one ahead of the release date ;-)
(Garrett) - # 2006
There are no difference between the game engine for this and its predecessor.
# 2006
Technical specs
display: raster
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Bill Walsh College Football '95 in-game screen.
Bill Walsh College Football '95 (Mega Drive)
Bill Walsh College Football '95 (Mega Drive)
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