Castlevania: Bloodlines

a.k.a. Castlevania: The New Generation / バンパイアキラー / Vampire Killer

created and published by Konami in 1994-03, running on Mega Drive
type: action/reflex, platformer
genre: Horror, Fantasy, Platformer
series: Castlevania
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

Official description

The Belmont Family tree will die unless you unleash your rage on the undead.

Time refuses to forget the Belmont family's horrifying, bloody destiny. And in 1917 tow of its descendants are summoned by fate into epic battle. Their enemy? The most evil incarnation of Castlevania legacy to even rise from the grave, the vampire Countess Bartley.

The spine tingling, 6 stage fear fest overflows with graphic sights and sounds from your worst nightmares. As John Morris, the whip wielding vampire hunter, or Eric Lecarde, master lanceman, you'll pursue the demonic Countess all across Europe before she resurrects Dracula for a final reign of global terror. Alas, her trail of doom is laden with zombies, hideous mutants, grotesque giants, ghouls and ghastly creatures.

The fright-filled trek takes you everywhere from Drac's possessed castle ruins, to a haunted Leaning Tower of Pisa, to the sunken shrine of Atlantis in Greece, to the palace of Versailles. Heart stopping horrors like Mecha-man, skele-dragons, and spear-thrusting minotaurs will test your mettle. Indeed, hosts of bizarre beings drool at the prospect of slaying you with their gruesome attacks and strange powers.

Taste the sweat dripping into your mouth as you try rescuing yourself from diabolical traps. Feel the tortuous strain on every muscle as you wield again sacred weapon power-ups such as Holy Water, the Battle Axe, the Crystal Blade Boomerang and the Mirror of Truth. But in the end, make sure you've saved enough strength to scream!

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The only Genesis Castlevania game.
You can play as Eric Lecarde or John Morris. Eric's weapon is a 'LaCarde spear', he can use it to hit enemies in all directions and use it as a pole to jump higher, whereas John uses the classic Castlevania whip, which he can use to swing on most ceilings.
Since John's weapon allows for more moves his quest is a little easier.

The subweapons are the boomerang, the axe and the holy water. It's possible, however, to find a powerup for the main weapon, which will also give the player a powered-up subweapon. The power-up is lost when the player gets hit, and the subweapon power-up can be lost if you collect another subweapon from a candle.

The character must try to prevent Elizabeth 'Bathory' Bartley from reviving Dracula. To do so, she has to travel through all Europe for some reason, so each stage is set in a different country.

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Technical specs

software: Lutris,
display: raster

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