Supreme Warrior

a.k.a. Dai Bing

published by Acclaim / Digital Pictures in 1994, developed by Digital Pictures, running on Sega 32X
type: fighting
player options: single player
languages: eng


Distributed by Acclaim Distribution, Inc.
A 32XCD game. You need a Mega/Sega CD as well as a 32X.
Zerothis - # 2005-05-28 17:51:27

Technical specs

display: raster

Authors / Staff


Amanda Lathroum (producer)
Antony Szeto (assistant stunt coordinator)
Carol D. Bonnefil (first assistant director)
Carol Kim (production coordinator)
Dan MacDonald (post coordinator)
David Calloway (producer)
Dion Lam (stunt coordinator)
Douglas McDonald 'Rocky' (stunt coordinator)
Ho Kim Sing (art director)
Hung Kee (construction coordinator)
O.J. Tang (second assistant director)
Patrick Tsui (assistant art director)
Paul Murphy (directory of photography)
Ryan Sinnock (associate producer)
Therese Cathcart (post coordinator)
Titus Ho (production manager)
Tom Zito (executive producer)
Tyler Johnson (executive producer)
Vivian Lai (assistant coordinator)


Cuyler Gee (original concept)
Kevin Welsh (original concept)
Steve DeFrisco (original concept)


Amanda Lathroum (interactive design)
Amir H. Raubvogel (interactive design)
Bernard Hides (production design)
Noah Falstein (interactive design)
Steven C. Cole (interactive design)


Koan Hui (storyboards)
Michael Quebec (story)
Tim Curnen (story)


Gene Kusmiak (additional programming)
Steven C. Cole (computer programming)


Andy Cheng (fight choreography)
Chan Chi Tat (make‑up artist)
Chaplin Chang (fight choreography)
Ching Wai Chung (fight choreography)
Chuck Jeffreys (fight choreography)
Cuyler Gee (computer graphics)
Jackson Ng (fight choreography)
Kim-Maree Penn (fight choreography)
Lee Tat Chiu (fight choreography)
Li Guoyuan (fight choreography)
Lin Jieheng (fight choreography)
Marla Carter (digital effects artists)
Richard Norton (fight choreography)
Roger Yuan (fight choreography)
Ron Yuan (fight choreography)
Simon Holden (digital effects artists)
Vivian Wu (fight choreography)
Winston Ellis (fight choreography)
Xiong Xin Xin (fight choreography)


Albert Ibbotsen (sound effects supervisor)
Bruce Fraizer (music editor)
Ray Bunch (music)


Dana Keen (video layout assistance)
Fred Donelson (video technician)
Lai Tse Fai (video assistant)


Andy Cheng (actor)
Chaplin Chang (actor)
Ching Wai Chung (actor)
Chuck Jeffreys (actor)
Jackson Ng (actor)
Kim-Maree Penn (actor)
Lee Tat Chiu (actor)
Li Guoyuan (actor)
Lin Jieheng (actor)
Richard Norton (actor)
Roger Yuan (actor)
Ron Yuan (actor)
Vivian Wu (actor)
Winston Ellis (actor)
Xiong Xin Xin (actor)


Benjamin DeGuzman (game tester)
Bill Bound (lead game tester)
David Popovich (head tester)
Mark Vitello (game tester)
Michael Madden (game tester)
Paul Franco (game tester)
Wesley Gittens (game tester)


Bart Cheever (post assistant)
Blair Gawthrop (script supervisor)
Blondie Low (costume supervisor)
Calum McFarlane (first assistant camera)
Chan Heung Kong (hong kong gaffer)
Chan Kwok Keung (grip)
Charles Coffey (production assistant)
Chris Aud (adr mixer)
Chris Fleet (gaffer)
Dan L. Williams (assistant accountant)
Danny Lai (second assistant camera)
Dave Carson (assistant editor)
Dickson Lau (special effects)
Dickson Lau (pyrotechnics)
Eric Valente (post production supervisor)
Eternal/Art Film & Video Co. (extras casting)
Gerlinde Grunt-Lam (production assistant)
Grant Nielsen (key grip)
Guy Norris (directer)
Gwen Everman (production accountant)
Ho Chi Tong (boom operator)
International Private Nursing Service Ltd. (paramedics)
J. Garrett Glover (screenplay)
Janics Chan Man Ching (production assistant)
Jennifer Mangan (assistant editor)
Joe Finley (colorist)
Kate McGowen (editing)
Kenneth Wong (production assistant)
Lam Lai Hing (grip)
Lam Suet (production assistant)
Lau Hak Heung (best boy)
Lau Hon Cheung (special effects)
Lau Hon Cheung (pyrotechnics)
Lecky Chung (production assistant)
Lily Kwok (assistant costume)
Mitch Dorf (mixer)
Modern VideoFilm (post production facilities)
Pacific Ocean Post (post production facilities)
Peter Rincon (adr mixer)
Ricky Ng (head stagehand)
Robert Feist (mixer)
Steven Outside Catering Services Ltd. (caterer)
Tim Claman (mixer)
Tim Curnen (screenplay)
Tom McSweeney (casting)
Wu Man Keung (hair stylist)
Yang Sai Yan (propmaster)

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Mega Forcefr411995-0773/10073%
Player Onefr551995-0770/10070%

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