Return to Castle Wolfenstein

a.k.a. RtCW / Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Collector's Edition / Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Game of the Year

published by Activision in 2001-11-19, developed by Gray Matter Interactive Studios / Nerve Software / id Software, running on Windows
type: shooter
genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
series: Wolfenstein
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player
game engine: id Tech 3
languages: eng
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Personal review

One of those game that you play with the feeling of "I remember it as awesome cuz' nostalgia and such"
BUT NO, this game is still epic.

-A brutal and unforgiving AI, who knows to delude you and how to flank you, kick back grenades, use covers and retreats in a clever way, and even how to use the environment to kill you.

-Variety: from run and gun missions, to incredible monsters and bosses, stealth missions and defend point situations.

-Superb level design: maps with many routes to take and even some secrets.

-A very unique blend of classical and modern FPS (weaponry from old with aiming from contemporary times)

-Zombies nazis and nazi zombies (the first ones have less meat)

-And last, an objective-based multiplayer mode (not great, but kind of unique).


9 of 10

# 2015-07-15 09:52:38

Official description

World War II rages and nations fall. SS head Himmler has Hitler's full backing to twist science and the occult into an army capable of annihilating the Allies once and for all. Battling alone, you're on an intense mission to pierce the black heart of the Third Reich and stop Himmler -- or die trying. Fighting in advanced team-based multiplayer mode, you'll wage your own WWII in an all-out Axis vs. Allies contest for frontline domination.
Powered by the Quake III Arena engine, the Wolfenstein universe explodes with the kind of epic environments, A.I., firepower and cinematic effects that only a game created by true masters can deliver. The dark reich's closing in. The time to act is now. Evil prevails when good men do nothing.
*Epic Environments
*Intense Story-Driven Action
*Ferocious A.I.
*Big Screen Cinematic Effects
*Team-Based Multiplayer Action
Steam Store - # 2015-07-14 11:48:55 - official description - source


Seventh game in the Wolfenstein series.

Released in Canada and the USA. A Collector's Edition was published at the same time and came in a shiny numbered tin and included a patch and poster.

A Game of the Year package was published June 12, 2002. It included v1.33, 7 new multiplayer maps, The original Wolfenstein 3D, a 'making of' movie, and some other behind the scenes extras such as concept art.

version 1.41 patch made available on December 4, 2002.

Uses the Quake 3 engine.

A heavily censored version was submitted for released in Germany. So much of the story was changed it was practically incoherent, even music was removed. Music! Despite the cuts, it was BPjS indexed. Technically, one can still acquire it by legal means, but practically speaking, such a classification in Germany is an effective ban.
(Zerothis) - # 2006

Technical specs

display: textured polygons

Editor note

Was re-released in 2004 as Platinum Edition that included the stand-alone multiplayer part Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.
# 2008-10-02 12:10:34

Authors / Staff


Al Shier (film coordinator producer)
Antoine Seux (sales manager)
Bernd Reinartz (pr-manager)
Brad Carraway (accosiate brand manager)
Brandon Jame (president)
Brandon Jame (game director)
Christian Cummings (vice president)
Christian Cummings (content director)
Diane De Domecy (pr manager)
Drew Markham (director)
Dusty Welch (senior director)
Greg Goodrich (executive producer)
Guillaume Lairan (brand manager)
Heather Clarke (european operations manager)
Joe Waters (technical director)
John Turner (content director)
Jonathan Moses (producer)
Kevin Kraff (brand manager)
Kris Zimmerman (casting director)
Laird M. Malamed (senior executive producer)
Lynne Moss (production planner)
Mark Lamia (vice-president north american studios)
Michelle Nino (director)
Ron Gould (creative director)
Scott Dodkins (senior vice-president european publishing)
Sherry Wallace (visual effects producer)
Stefan Seidel (brand manager)
Thaine Lyman (multiplayer producer)
Thorsten Hubschmann (web manager)
Timothy R. Miller (creative director)
Tony Jay (the director)
Trey Watkins (intro movie director)
Victoria Sylvester Stevens (production coordinator)


Aaron Smith (design)
Brian Patenaude (design)
Dan Koppel (technical design lead)
FOCUS2 (package design)
Jay Brushwood (design)
Josh Jay (design)


Belinda Van Sickle (writer)
Steve Goldberg (writer)


Alex Roha (installer programmer)
Brad Saavedra (code release group)
Brad Saavedra (code release group)
Joseph Aurill (additional programming)
Neil Barizo (compatibility)
Rafael Paiz (additional programming)
Ryan Feltrin (a.i. programmer)
Sean Mitchell (programmer)
Sherman Archibald (programmer)


Aaron Smith (art)
Asier Lavina (animator)
Brandon Davis (animator)
Brian Patenaude (art)
Claire Praderie (texture artist)
Corky Lehmkuhl (character artist)
Craig Mullins (installer illustrator)
David Stinnett (animator)
Derron Ross (animator)
Dominique Drozdz (animator)
Ed Lee (concept art)
Jason Hoover (animation)
Jay Brushwood (art)
Jeff Weisend (animator)
Josh Jay (art)
Kirby Miller (animator)
Marlon Nowe (animator)
Michael Maxx Kaufman (art direction)
Paul Taylor (lead animator)
Tim Wallace (animator)
Tom Dillon (animator)

motion capture

Danelle Folta (mocap actress)
John Bunt (motion capture)

3d artist

Jason Hoover (models)

level designer

David Kelvin (level designer)
Mal Blackwell (additional level design)
Richard Farrelly (lead level designer)


'The Bakery' (sound design)
Bill Brown (music composer)
Bill Brown (composer)
Steve Goldberg (sound design)
Todd Cochran (period music)


Atlantis Group (voices recording)
B. J. Ward (voice actress)
Brian Simpson (mocap actor)
Cam Clarke (voice actor)
Charles Napier (voice actor)
Drew Markham (voice actor)
Gaille Heideman (voice actress)
James Alcroft (voice actor)
James M. Ward (voice actor)
Jonathan Cook (voice actor)
Neil Ross (voice actor)
Peter Renaday (voice actor)
Tony Jay (voice actor)


Antoine Seux (localisation)
Bernard Sizey (localisation)
Bernd Reinartz (localisation)
Diane De Domecy (localisation)
DL Multimedia (spanish localisation)
Effective Media GmbH (localisation)
ExeQuo (localisation france)
Gautier Ormancey (localisation)
Guillaume Lairan (localisation)
Heather Clarke (localisation)
Jackie Whale (localisation)
Jim Hudson (localizations associate producer)
Lynne Moss (localisation)
Nathalia Dove (localization)
Project Synthesis (italian localisation)
Roger Walkden (localization)
Scott Dodkins (localization)
Simon Dawes (localisation project manager)
Stefan Luludes (localisation)
Stefan Seidel (localisation)
Tamsin Lucas (senior localisation project manager)
Thorsten Hubschmann (localisation)
Victoria Fisher (localisation)


IGNITED MINDS (manual layout)


Bernard Sizey (marketing director)
Gautier Ormancey (marketing assistant)
Jackie Whale (creative services manager)
Roger Walkden (director strategic marketing europe)
Stefan Luludes (marketing manager)


Adam Tourkow (tester)
Adam Tourkow (tester)
Arbel Rom (tester)
Arbel Rom (tester)
Bob McPherson (quality assurance manager)
Bob McPherson (quality assurance manager)
Brelan Duff (production tester)
Brendan Johnson (tester)
Brendan Johnson (tester)
Chris Keim (quality assurance network)
Chris Wagener (tester)
Chris Wagener (quality assurance floor lead)
Chris Wagener (tester)
Da'love Thomas (tester)
Da'love Thomas (tester)
Evan Button (tester)
Evan Button (tester)
Garrett Oshiro (tester)
Garrett Oshiro (tester)
Glenn Gregory (tester)
Glenn Gregory (tester)
Glenn Vistante (quality assurance project lead)
Jane Lee (tester)
Jane Lee (tester)
Jay Anthony Franke (quality assurance project lead)
Jay Sosnicki (tester)
Jay Sosnicki (tester)
Jeffry Moxley (tester)
Jeffry Moxley (tester)
Jeremy G. Evangelista (tester)
Jeremy G. Evangelista (tester)
Jesse Shannon (tester)
Jesse Shannon (tester)
John Sweeney (tester)
John Sweeney (tester)
Joram Manka (tester)
Joram Manka (tester)
Juan Valdes (quality assurance senior project lead)
Kenney Hartman (tester)
Kenney Hartman (tester)
Kirk Kosinski (tester)
Kirk Kosinski (tester)
Kurt Guitierrez (tester)
Kurt Gutierrez (tester)
Mark Yao (tester)
Mark Yao (tester)
Matt McClure (quality assurance senior project lead)
Matthew Beal (production tester)
Michael Beck (tester)
Michael Beck (tester)
Michael Sparks (tester)
Michael Sparks (tester)
Mihai Pohontu (tester)
Mihai Pohontu (tester)
Mike Wale (tester)
Mike Wale (tester)
Nathaniel McClure (tester)
Neil Barizo (quality assurance compatibility)
Paul Williams (tester)
Paul Williams (tester)
Peter Beal (tester)
Peter Beal (tester)
Rama Griffith (tester)
Rama Griffith (tester)
Rami Burpee (tester)
Rami Burpee (tester)
Randolph L.S. D'Amore (tester)
Randolph L.S. D'Amore (tester)
Reid Hurley (tester)
Robert Ladd (tester)
Robert Ladd (tester)
Sam Nouriani (quality assurance manager)
Sam Nouriani (pc testing)
Sam Nouriani (quality assurance manager)
Sam Nouriani (pc testing)
Sami Tanamly (tester)
Sami Tanamly (tester)
Scott Keifer (tester)
Scott Kiefer (tester)
Steve Holmes (production tester)
Steve Penate (tester)
Steve Penate (tester)
Thaddeus Sasser (production tester)
Thom Denick (tester)
Thom Denick (tester)

customer support

Bob McPherson (customer support)
Bob McPherson (customer support)


Activision Credits:
Activision France Credits:
Activision Germany Credits:
Activision UK Credits:
Blur Studios Credits:
Global Brand Management Credits:
Gray Matter Interactive Studios Credits:
Miscellaneous credits:
Nerve Software Credits:


B. J. Ward (helga)
B. J. Ward (female #1)
Cam Clarke (german #4)
Caryn Law (online evangelist)
Chad Bordwell (scripting)
Charles Napier (murphy)
Chris Keim (network)
Clay Mottern (special operations consultants)
Darin McNeil (senior engineer)
Drew Markham (german #1)
Drew Patterson (installer scripting)
Eric Zimmerman (night crew lead)
Eric Zimmerman (night crew lead)
Gaille Heideman (female #2)
James Alcroft (jack)
James M. Ward (german #3)
Jeremy Cook (cg supervisor)
Jeremy Luyties (scripting)
Jonathan Cook (heinrich)
Kevin Vance (special operations consultants)
Max Yoshikawa (controller)
Michael Denny (scripting)
Michael Hand (legal)
Michelle Nino (corporate communications)
Mike Larson (senior publicist)
Nathalia Dove (head of publishing services)
Neil Ross (higgs)
Neil Ross (german #2)
Peter Renaday (monk)
Ryan Feltrin (technology)
Soundelux Design Music Group (additional effects)
Sylvia Orzel (layout)
Thomas Lindberg (special operations consultants)
Thorsten Hubschmann (it)
Victoria Fisher (production administrator)

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