Evander Holyfield's 'Real Deal' Boxing

a.k.a. ホリフィールドボクシング

published by Sega in 1992, developed by ACME Interactive, running on Mega Drive
type: sport, fighting
genre: Boxing
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: eng

Official description

Muscle through the ropes and face your future. In the opposite corner... undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield. It's the bell! He roars out like a freight train! You throw a jab, an uppercut, a combination! He blocks and counters with a neck-snapping double hook!

KO Action!
It's up close and personal! This close, he's huge! His muscles ripples and sweat. You circle in lightning 360° action, piling on an incredible array of punches – nose-flattening straights, crosses and hooks. It's like nothing you've ever seen before!

Create the Ultimate Champ!
Beef up your contender with power, stamina, speed and defense. You design your own fighter with the names, hands, skin color, hair and trunks you choose. Then rage out of your corner. Challenge 28 power-hitters in exhibition bouts. Win, and pump up with Holyfield-style hi-tech training. Then fight up on the title match.

Strategy Calls the Ten Count
You're too tight. Break the clinch, dance back and hammer through a haymaker. Holyfield's buff, defending its incredible 27-0 career record. The man's a machine! Better have a good cut man in your corner.
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Technical specs

display: raster

External reviews (7) - average: 64.4% - median: 66%

review sourcecountryissuedatescore   
Consoles + (1-155)fr121992-0952/10052%
Joypad 1-72fr121992-0964/10064%
Mean Machinesuk231992-0852/10052%
Mega Forcefr91992-0972/10072%
Player Onefr231992-0966/10066%

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Evander Holyfield's 'Real Deal' Boxing in-game screen.
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