Top Gear Rally 2

a.k.a. トップギアラリー2

published by Electro Source / Kemco in 1999-12-03, developed by Saffire, running on Nintendo 64
type: racing/driving
genre: Motor racing, Motorsport
setting: Present
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player

Official description

A visually stunning racing game, Top Gear Rally II features 50 different races across four distinct racing terrain's: Jungle, Desert, Mountain, and Rural Country Road. As they progress through each race, the player (driver) will confront a countless array of obstacles as well as random weather and lighting conditions. Two major elements of Top Gear Rally 2 that differentiate it from other rally games are the team Sponsorship & Affiliation and, most significantly, the Random Track Generation system. As the player reaches higher levels, the course will change at random, providing both unpredictability and limitless game play. Authentic rally cars, unpredictable road conditions and championship tracks help to create a simulation-like experience that greatly enhances the overall racing experience. Product features include: Random Track Generation System (Ensures Limitless Play), Random Weather/Lighting Conditions, Driving School To Learn Driving Skills and Earn Racing Class Qualifications Team Sponsorship, 1-4 Players, 50 Different Races & Random Tracks (2-5 minutes each), 14 Different Rally Cars Bonus Cars, four Distinct Racing Environments, Rumble Pak/Controller Pak/Expansion Pak Compatible, Dynamite Stereo Sound, paint System For Personalized Car Colors and Decals, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru and American Rally Sports Group Licenses and Perpetual Damage Assessment.
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Technical specs

display: textured polygons

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Top Gear Rally 2 in-game screen.
Top Gear Rally 2 (Nintendo 64)
Top Gear Rally 2 (Nintendo 64)
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