Riddle of the Sphinx

created and published by Imagic in 1982, running on Atari 2600 VCS
type: adventure, shooter
genre: Action-Adventure
setting: Past
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: other

Official description

Hieroglyphics on an ancient obelisk tell a strange tale:
These are dark times. Death's long shadow rests across the Valley of the Kings. Anubis, jackal-headed god of the dead, has cast his curse over all of Pharaoh's kingdom. A plague of scorpions and hordes of thieves lie thick upon the land. O hear the thin whine of despair!
Sing of Pharaoh's Son, all hail the Prince of Egypt! Deliver us from this curse! Brave the dangers of the desert. Seek the answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx. Pay Anubis' ransom with your treasures, O cunning Prince of Wiles. Reach the Temple of Ra, source of light and life.
Pharaoh's heir--be wise, be wily--and beware!
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Imagic IA3600 published in the North America, Rarity 2 Common+, NTSC. Uses both joysticks the switches on the Atari 2600 console to play.

Riddle of the Sphinx is an surprisingly complex adventure game for the 2600. Players will not likely accomplish much without reading the manual first. The Left joystick is used to move around, shoot at enemies, and use items. The Right joystick navigates the inventory and status screens. Difficulty switches and B&W/Color switches select the different status views. There are Egyptian deities to deal with, some enemies, some allies, some neutral. Likewise there are nomadic traders of various alignment and and thieves. Carry too many treasures around and any nomad might find to a temping target for theft. You score points for advancement in the game and destroying thieves. You lose points and/or health for attacking deities or nomads, regardless of their alignment. To advance in the game, find and trade objects to deliver the correct objects to the correct temple or deity.
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Technical specs

display: raster

Authors / Staff


Bob Smith (programmer)


Rob Fulop

External review - average: 83%

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Tilt 1-38fr81983-115/683%

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Riddle of the Sphinx in-game screen.
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