Arx Fatalis

a.k.a. Arx Fatalis. Последний бастион / Arx Fatalis. Poslednij bastion / Arx Fatalis: Return To The Underground

published by JoWood Productions in 2002-06-28, developed by Arkane Studios, running on Windows
type: action/reflex, role-play
genre: Fantasy, Dungeon Crawler, Immersive sim
setting: Medieval, Post-apocalypse
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player
languages: chi eng ger rus

Official description

Cast away from the surface of the Earth by the disappearance of the sun, Mankind lived hidden underground in the Fortress of Arx. Humans only have magic left to survive against Ratmen, Dragons and starvation...

But a much greater danger is hovering above the world of Arx Fatalis. Lurking in the eternal darkness of the mines, it feeds off the innocent souls of the city. It is not a monster. It is not human. It is pure evil.

The adventure has just started, and soon,
the fate of Arx, will be in your hands.

Arx Fatalis is a medieval heroic fantasy first person role playing game which places the accent on immersion, storyline and innovative magic system.

Arx Fatalis is intended for RPG and adventure players.

Dive into the universe of Arx

Arx Fatalis is an RPG that thrusts the player into an extremely complex fantastic world. Arx Fatalis combines a rich storyline with impressive medieval settings. The easy to use interface results in maximum interaction. The player is in an intense immersion state where he can feel how each one of his actions affects the surrounding world. The goal of the game is to reduce to nothing the cult of Akbaa, God of destruction and Chaos, and thus, prevent him from returning to the physical world. If the player fails, the demon will crush Arx under its rule of blood and terror.

The player, assuming the role of potential hero, fights in a large underground fortress, with wood clubs, swords, lances. and many magic artifacts, against the threat of multiple underground creatures (Goblins, Trolls, Ratmen and other vicious creatures.)

But rough power is not always the best road to victory. The hero may also use the new "screen magic" to advance. By using the mouse, magic runes have to be drawn and combined on screen in order to create powerful spells that will protect the player or give him the strength to defeat his enemies and to complete his quest.

In addition to the fight against demons and monsters, there is also a practically infinite number of interactions with the creatures and objects in the fortress, which enable the player to regain his memory, solve enigmas, and fulfill quests. By accumulating experience points, the player is able to lead his hero and train him any way he wants.

Dare to enter the world of Arx Fatalis. Explore the underground cities, secret temples, ancient mine tunnels, discover forgotten civilizations and dominate the magic of Arx Fatalis...
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The game may suffer from severe flickering and depth buffer issues under some circumstances. The actual cause is unknown as it fixed itself and I failed to reproduce it.

Bumb mapping used by the game is one of the earliest methods and causes some graphical glitching on at least NV's GPUs (buttons and doorways otherwise revealed by sufficiently high intuition are colored almost pitch black). Therefore it is recommended you disable it.

Forcing anti-aliasing causes some text to disappear, the game itself has no anti-aliasing options so this is only reminder not to do it in externally.
Sanguine # 2008-09-26 19:09:17

Technical specs

display: textured polygons
* Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
* 500 MHz Pentium II CPU
* 64 MB RAM
* 16 MB VRAM
* 750 MB HD space
* 4X CD-ROM drive

* 900 MHz Pentium III CPU
* 256 MB RAM
* 32 MB VRAM
Sanguine # 2008-09-23 21:15:35

Editor note

Latest version: 1.21 (2011-01-14)

Version history:
* 1.18 (2007-10?)
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