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Escape the Museum Majesco (Gogii Games)2009 Wiiminimizeminimizeminimize
Fairy Tale Mysteries: The Puppet Thief Artifex Mundi (Gogii Games;The House of Fables)2016 Linuxlabelminimizeminimize
Orchard Majesco Entertainment;Gogii Games (BoomZap Entertainment)2009[b]Minimum:[/b]
* Windows XP or Vista
* 800 MHz CPU
* 512 MB RAM
* 31 MB HD space***With the daily grind of big city living wearing you down, the desperate need for a change of pace sinks in. Out of the blue, you receive a letter from your granduncle Fred, offering you the change you've been yearning for. He's had enough of running the family orchard and is bequeathing it to you. It's time to head down to the country and get your hands dirty, making juices, pies, jellies, and more in Orchard!

* Plant and harvest crops, build useful buildings to expand capabilities, create recipes, advertise and sell products and more.
* Hire workers and help increase their farming, building and woodcutting skills. Build homes for them to live in while they service your growing orchard.
* Build useful buildings and utilities from an upgraded store to a cannery, bakery, bridges, sprinklers and more.
* Harvest your own resources, including strawberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, apples, peaches and pecans. You can also buy resources like sugar, flour and chocolate for your recipes.
* Research and produce 20 recipes including Blackberry Pie, Apple Juice, Strawberry Fudge and many more.
* Earn 30+ trophies for superior work and admire them in your trophy room.
Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse GoGii Games2010Upon returning home you find that your renaissance themed castle has been redecorated in the gothic style. And, your family and servants have been trapped in mirrors. Evil spirits are to blame. Find objects use them or return them to their place. One-by-one the evil spirits will be dispersed and your family and castle returned to normal.***Upon arriving home from a trip to town, Princess Isabella discovers her families castle in ruins and shrouded in darkness. With the help of a little Pixie, navigate the castle, unravel the curse and find out who did this
and why?[list]
[*]135 Scenes
[*]20+ Puzzles
[*]15 Minigames
[*]Evolving Gameplay
[*]20+ Hidden object rounds[/list]
Princess Isabella: The Rise of an Heir Artifex Mundi (GoGii Games;World-Loom)2016 Linuxlabelminimizeminimize
The Emerald Maiden: Symphony of Dreams Artifex Mundi (Gogii Games)2016 Linuxlabelminimizeminimize