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007: NightFire  Electronic Arts (Eurocom)2002single playerPS2labelimagesubject
2002 FIFA World Cup  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)2002PSlabelimagesubject
4-in-1 Quattro Sports  Camerica (Codemasters)1991shared-screenNESlabelimagesubject
A Nightmare on Elm Street LJN (Rare)1990single playerNESlabelimagesubject
AFL Premiership 2005 Sony Computer Entertainment (IR Gurus)2005single player, shared-screenPS2labelimageminimize
AFL Premiership 2006 Sony Computer Entertainment (IR Gurus)2006single player, shared-screenPS2labelimageminimize
AFL Premiership 2007 Sony Computer Entertainment (IR Gurus Interactive)2007single player, shared-screenPS2labelimageminimize
ATP Tour Championship Tennis  Sega1994single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
Australian Rugby League  EA Sports (Electronic Arts)1994single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
Barkley Shut up and Jam!  Ringler;B&C ComputerVisions (Ringler)2002single player, shared-screenJaguarlabelminimizeminimize
Barkley Shut Up and Jam! 2 Accolade1995single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
Bill Walsh College Football Electronic Arts (High Score Productions)1993single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
Bill Walsh College Football Electronic Arts (High Score Productions)1993single playerMega-CDlabelimageminimize
Bomberman II  Hudson (Hudson Soft)1991single playerNESlabelimagesubject
Break Point Tennis  Ocean;Pack-In-Video (Smart Dog)1996single player, shared-screenSaturnlabelimagesubject
Championship Bowling  Mentrix;Visco (Visco)1993single player, shared-screenMega Drivelabelimagesubject
Coach K. College Basketball EA Sports (Hitmen Productions;Canada)1995single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
College Football USA 96  Electronic Arts (High Score Productions)1995single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
College Football USA 97: The Road to New Orleans Electronic Arts;EA Sports (Tiburon Entertainment)1996single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
College Football's National Championship Sega Sports (BlueSky Software)1994single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
College Football's National Championship II Sega Sports (BlueSky Software)1995single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
College Slam  Acclaim Entertainment (Iguana Entertainment)1996single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
Columns III: Revenge of Columns  Sega;Vic Tokai (Sega)1994single player, shared-screenMega Drivelabelimagesubject
Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat Tradewest Sports (Rare)1992single playerNESlabelimagesubject
Davis Cup Tennis Tour II  ? (Virtual Studio)?single player, shared-screenMega Drivelabelimageminimize
Dino Dini's Soccer  Virgin (Dini and Dini Productions)1994single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
Double Dribble: The Playoff Edition  Konami1994single playerMega Drivelabelimageminimize
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Virgin (Acclaim)1994shared-screen, single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
Dream Team 3-on-3 Challenge Data East1991single player, shared-screenNESlabelminimizesubject
ESPN National Hockey Night Sony (Sony Imagesoft)1994single playerMega Drivelabelimageminimize
Fever Pitch Soccer  U.S. Gold1995single player, shared-screenMega Drivelabelimagesubject
FIFA 2000  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)1999single playerPSlabelimagesubject
FIFA International Soccer  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)1994single playerMega-CDlabelimageminimize
FIFA International Soccer  Electronic Arts (Extended Play Productions)1993single playerMega Drivelabelimageminimize
FIFA Soccer 95  Electronic Arts (Extended Play Productions)1994single playerMega Drivelabelimageminimize
FIFA Soccer 96 Electronic Arts (EA Sports;Probe)1995single player, shared-screen32Xlabelimageminimize
FIFA Soccer 96  Electronic Arts (Extended Play Productions)1995single playerMega Drivelabelimageminimize
FIFA Soccer 97  Electronic Arts (Extended Play Productions)1996single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
FIFA Soccer 98: Road to World Cup  Electronic Arts1997single playerMega Drivelabelimageminimize
Gauntlet II  Mindscape (Tengen)1990single player, shared-screenNESlabelimagesubject
Gauntlet IV  Tengen1993shared-screen, single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
General Chaos Electronic Arts (Game Refuge)1993single playerMega Drivelabelimagesubject
Gimme a Break Quiz Ketteisen  Party Room 211991NESlabelimageminimize
Gimme a Break Quiz Ketteisen 2  Party Room 211992NESlabelminimizeminimize
Gorirāman  Yonezawa1993NESlabelminimizeminimize
Greg Norman's Golf Power Virgin Games (Gremlin)1992single playerNESlabelimageminimize
Harlem Globetrotters Gametek (Softie)1991single playerNESlabelimagesubject
Hit the Ice Taito1993single player, shared-screenNESlabelimageminimize
IMG International Tour Tennis Electronic Arts (High Score Productions)1994single playerMega Drivelabelimageminimize
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe  Konami (Factor 5)1996single playerMega Drivelabelimageminimize
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