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Cloak & Dagger Atari1984If this is truly still in development, then the release year is [i]way[/i] wrong and should be corrected and prototype flag is therefore wrong as well (a game demo/beta can be considered a prototype, but for the sake of not flagging all games with public beta/demo with prototype, this shouldn't either). Possibly adding external links verifying that claim.***CX-52xx (no product number). Homebrew. North America NTSC. 1player only.
After the success of [url=]the movie[/url] and the [game=#1319]arcade version[/game], Atari assigned Dave Comstock to do the Atari 2600, 5200, and 8-bit versions. The 2600 version was quickly (and laughingly) abandoned. He began on the 8-bit version first, as was standard practice. He lobbied Atari to approve the first ever 32K cartridge for an 8-bit game. He was only 50% done when, Atari laid off nearly all of its computer programmers in 1984. Dave quietly slipped a disk into his pocket on the way out (it would have most certainly been destroyed otherwise). (This is the reason the 1984 date is used in this entry. This was the last time It was worked on for [i]Atari[/i] and this is how the disk was labeled. This information will be updated when Cloak & Dagger is finally released.) Work on Cloak & Dagger ceased when Dave got a new job in a different field. The current status of the game is: No enemies, no death animation, no forklifts, no shooting, no light bombs, no status display, no game end sequence. Recently, Dave Comstock announced that he is working on this game again and will finish it with all the above features ans as even hinted at adding more. Dave Comstock's original task with the 5200 version was only to adapt the 8-bit computer version to the "360° controller". He's never hinted at making any different or additional features for the 5200 version that the computer version will not have.
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