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Herzog Zwei  Technosoft;Sega (Technosoft)1989"Eins! Zwei! Drei!" In the murky dawn the tyrant's troops scuffle towards foxholes and tanks. Taking battle position, they quickly check their equipment and load cannons. Then they hunker down, awaiting the cry: "Attacke!" "Hup! Two! Three! Four!" On your order, rebel soldiers race to their war machines! Jets blast into the dawn, afterburners roaring. Convoys rumble toward the advance bases. Their single purpose: attack! War! You and your opponent face off for control of the world! You're equally matched, man for man, weapon for weapon. You sweat as you order out heavy metal, mobilize troops, and plot the attack! You collide in dogfights, ground frays, and naval clashes! At last, you advance to their home base. Now! Crush the enemy - and become Supreme Commander of the free world!***
[37]***Herzog Zwei is a pioneer of the real-time strategy genre. Long before games like "[game=#42652]Dune 2[/game]" and "[game=#11060]Command & Conquer[/game]" ultimately paved the way for this type of games, Herzog Zwei introduced a clever mix of classic strategical elements with a good amount of action and hectic. But it plays a bit differently than the standard RTS game. Only one unit is controlled directly. That unit is a transformers like machine which can switch between robot and flight form. In flight form you can pick up friendly units and carry them to other places of the map, while in robot form you make a formidable attack unit. Additional units are build in your headquarters or other facilities, which you have to conquer first. When producing a unit you can give it a certain order which it tries to fulfill. There is no harvesting or base building like in later RTS games, but this isn't so bad because that would complicate things too much and slow down the gameplay. If the game has one little issue then its the controls, because you always think that you can't manage the building, flying, shooting as fast as you wish.***One of the most fair and strategic games ever made.
Transformer like jets are pitted against each other with one objective... destroy the opponent's base.
Manufacturing tanks and missles to attack the opponent are a must. An abolute have to own for major Genesis fans. Extrermely hard to find.
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