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Marathon 2: Durandal Bungie Software1995 alienblood aliens armyofone deathworld firstpersonshooter marathon-series osclassic rogueai sentientmachines walkingarmory In 2000 the Aleph One engine remake became available.***The game data files have been turned to freeware at some point, available from Bungie Mac OS Classiclabelimageminimize
Command & Conquer  Virgin (Westwood Studios)1995 1990s addons alienearth alternatetimeline basebuilding cdrom cnc cpu-486 deathworld earth fictionalelement harvesters militantprotagonist militaryfiction missionbased nostructurefacing orbitalweapons phlebotinum present resourceharvesting serious tiberium war wargame It's a classic real-time strategy game. There exist two parties, NOD and GDI. Both have different units and structures. The game features about 15 mission on each side. In most missions you have to build a base first to build new units and structures. Special harvesters collect the so-called "Tiberium" and convert it to money in a reffinery. The game features fmv after every mission.***Review for add-on "The Covert Operations" ("Opérations Survie" in French).
[84]***One add-on was released: [b]The Covert Operations[/b], in 1996, added 15 new missions (7 for GDI, 8 for NOD).***
[22]***Diverges from real-world's timeline with a meteorite crashing down near river Tiber in Italy, introducing an alien substance to Earth dubbed Tiberium. Secret society known as Brotherhood of Nod had somehow predicted this event and had developed technologies to harvest Tiberium, much ahead of anyone else (presumably prior to the meteorite falling down on Earth).***Command & Conquer is possibly the most imitated game in the PC's history. Indeed, the game itself is far from original, borrowing heavily from Westwood's previous work (and inventor of the real-time strategy genre) Dune II. In C&C's favour, it improved on its forbear in many crucial areas, not least Dune II's interface which was clunky and unintuitive at best. Improvements were also made in graphics and sound, giving the whole package a more polished feel.
All in all, C&C was a technically excellent game which many gamers hold dear.

In 1996 the released an additional mission-cd titled "Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations", featuring 15 more difficult missions and a hidden dinosaur campaign.