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Dark Sun: Shattered Lands SSI (SSI Special Projects Group)?alabelminimizeminimize
Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True Icom Simulations;Mindscape (Icom Simulations)1986clabelimageminimize
Shadowgate Mindscape (Icom Simulations)1987clabelimageminimize
Uninvited Icom Simulations;Mindscape (Icom Simulations)1987clabelimageminimize
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar Origin1988aclabelimageminimize
Deja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas  Icom Simulations1989clabelimageminimize
Future Wars: Time Travellers  Palace Software;Interplay (Delphine Software)1989d1labelimageminimize
Spy vs. Spy Wicked Software (First Star Software)1989blabelimageminimize
Windwalker Origin Systems (Micro Magic)1989ablabelimageminimize
Blinky's Scary School Zeppelin Games1990blabelimageminimize
Flowers of Crystal Satchel Software (4Mation Educational Resources)1990elabelminimizeminimize
The Secret of Monkey Island LucasArts (Lucasfilm Games)1990dlabelimageminimize
Theme Park Mystery: Variations on a Theme Image Works;Konami (Joined Up Writing Software)1990belabelimageminimize
Xenomorph Pandora Software1990clabelimageminimize
Zombi Ubi Soft1990clabelimageminimize
Cadaver Renegade Software;Image Works (The Bitmap Brothers)1990allabelimagesubject
Abandoned Places: A Time for Heroes  Electronic Zoo (ArtGame)1992clabelimageminimize
Eye of the Beholder II: The Legend of Darkmoon  SSI (Westwood Studios)1992clabelimageminimize
Flashback U.S. Gold (Delphine Software)1992b3labelimageminimize
Perihelion - The Prophecy Psygnosis (Morbid Dreams)1993clabelimageminimize
Victor Loomes  LBS (Promotion Software)1993dlabelimageminimize
Crystal Dragon Black Legend (Magnetic Fields)1994clabelimageminimize
Dreamweb Empire (Creative Reality)1994alabelimageminimize
Strife Rogue Entertainment (Rogue Entertainment)2013clabelminimizeminimize
Back to the Golden Age author2014blabelimageminimize