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Galley Battles: from Salamis to Actium Shrapnel Games (Hyperborea Studios)? africa ancientegypt ancientgreece antiquity cancelled commercial demo earth europe grid-none imperiumromanum license-proprietary tactical vaporware war warfare-sea labelimagesubject
Choice of Alexandria Choice of Games2016 ancientegypt bc3rdcentury commercial download earth egypt fictionalhistory indie interactivefiction license-proprietary naturalistic past steampowered steampunk ubuntu labelminimizeminimize
Immortal Redneck Crema2017 ancientegypt bloodless chromaticaberration commercial damageflicker download filmgrain firearms firstpersonshooter fovoption grenadelaunchers handguns jumping langbrazil-port langportuguese ledges license-proprietary loot-random machineguns minimap monsters motionblur paidkilling roguelite rotaryguns shotguns steamcontroller steampowered titularcharacter twitchtv ubuntu walking x86-64 labelminimizeminimize