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Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood  e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment (Spellbound Entertainment)2004Do not only take on the role of the hero Robin Hood, but also the roles of his faithful vassals and take them to the battle field against the nasty Prince John Lackland. In doing so you are able to enjoy the fabulous English landscape of 1190 as well as the giant castles and funny characters.
The thrilling story is introduced by an award-winning introduction and transfers you directly into the hero’s body with the first mission, in which you have to set the captive comrades free. Take up the battle against the oppressors and free the farmers from the Prince’s reign! Be smart, be fast! Be Robin Hood!

- More than 30 non-linear missions in which, for instance, you have the duty to save Little John and Brother Tuck, to prevent a wedding between Marianne and the revolting Guy of Gisbourne or to attack the taxation collectors of the Sheriff of Nottingham
- Visit five giant castles on different ways, at day- and night times, and at different weather conditions
- Play with up to nine integrated characters being outstanding due to their specific abilities and qualities
- Due to an innovative fighting system you are able to control the hero’s sword in battles by mouse
- Decide yourself which tactic appears to be the right one for you: reach the goal by creeping around the guards or fight bravely using sword and bow
Enemy of the Solid State  author2010 labelminimizeminimize
Black Annex Level Zero Games2013 labelminimizeminimize
Net Gain: Corporate Espionage Level Zero Games2013Set in a future where nations are secondary to corporations and information is the most valuable currency. Espionage, theft, sabotage, assassination, indeed any method may be used by one corporation to gain advantage over another. A ruthless bizsim. labelminimizesubject
Signal Ops Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation2013 labelminimizeminimize
System Crash Rogue Moon Studios2013The year is 2113. Technology, far from ushering in a golden age, has altered what it means to be human. And allowed greedy corporations to virtually enslave humanity under the yoke of consumerism and mass media. You are a ‘runner’, an agent operating outside the system, fighting to survive and thrive in the cracks between the shining towers of chrome and steel.

You take on the illicit, high-risk jobs that the powers-that-be need deniability on. Whether it’s hacking a secure data server, extracting a defecting researcher from a corporate enclave or sabotaging a rival corp’s manufacturing plant, you’ll take it on if the money’s right.

System Crash is a cyberpunk CCG (Collectible Card Game) with an engaging storyline, coming early 2013 to PC/Mac/Linux.

Card duels represent ‘runs’, high-risk contracts from shadowy clientele. You are the run’s ‘controller’, the brains, the man or woman organizing and directing the run. To achieve your goal you need to accumulate ‘Objective Points’, an abstract measure of how much progress you’ve made toward that goal. Accumulate 30 OP and success is yours. However, if the opposing controller, usually the head of a corporate security force, accumulates 30 points before you then you have failed. Your Agents scatter to the streets to avoid capture and you must terminate your connection to avoid a trace on your physical location.

How the run is approached is up to you! Recruit your agents, purchase equipment and software, execute your tactics!
Dominions 4: Thrones of Ascension  Illwinter Game Design2013 labelminimizeminimize
GoldenEye: Source author2014A remake fan-game clone of the N64 version of GoldenEye. Follow the plot of the movie as James Bond to prevent the use of the GoldenEye satellite and take revenge on an agent that betrayed MI-6. Take on this task one multi-objective mission at a time.
You and your friends can roam the GoldenEye sets as various bond film characters while shooting at each other.

This game is a total conversion of Half-Life source designed with the goal of recreating the entire GoldenEye N64 experience.
Civilization V - Gods and Kings  2K Games (Aspyr Media)2014 labelminimizeminimize
Civilization: Beyond Earth  Aspyr Media (Firaxis Games;Aspyr Media)2014Aspyr Media is handling porting of the game to Linux & Mac. labelminimizeminimize
Invisible Inc: Contingency Plan Klei Entertainment2015 labelminimizeminimize
Invisible, Inc. Klei Entertainment2015 labelminimizeminimize
Invisible, Inc.: Contingency Plan Klei Entertainment2015 labelminimizeminimize
Beholder Alawar Entertainment (Warm Lamp Games)2016 labelminimizeminimize
Beholder 2 Alawar (Warm Lamp Games)2016 labelminimizeminimize
Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues  Portalarium2018The game includes an offline mode. A classic Ultima style story by Tracy Hickman (no involvement by EA). 5 guaranteed episodes (there probably be more eventually)

Online modes are "open", "friends", and interestingly, "solo". It seems one can experience the online world version populated only by AI players and opponents or with only a select group of friends (together or verses, it would seem).

It seems to be shaping up to be a [s]direct competitor[/s] superior replacement to Ultima Online, period[s]by offering all the UO features plus many more[/s]. Also, I've been playing beta content and seeing some content that seems vaguely familiar. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that among the vast amount of worlds and content a small subset of it is [game=#38049]Ultima IX[/game] done right.

"Vendors sell vendors.. Its obscene" -redfish***[media=youtube]gSZLrF657yo[/media]
No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy In H.A.R.M.'s Way  Night Dive Studios (Monolith Productions)TBA labelminimizeminimize
The Operative: No One Lives Forever  Night Dive Studios (Monolith Productions)TBA labelminimizeminimize