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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Chaos Rising (Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising) SEGA;Feral Interactive (Feral Interactive)2016 adaptivemusic aliens autosavepoints beamweapons blood bombs bossbattles chargers charging city classbased clothdyeing commercial control-groups corruption coversystem dawnofwar deathless demons derelict distantfuture download droppods energyitems energyregen equipmentbased expandalone extraterrestrial fatties firearms fogofwar future garrisons goblinoids gore graphicdeaths grenades groundslamming havokphysics healingitems healthregen healthregen-moderate hillland ideology infantry intermissions jumppack knockdown leaderparticipation levelcap levelselection license-proprietary lua machineguns mecha meleeweapons micromanagement militaryfiction miniaturegame missionbased mp-control mp-friends mp-horde mp-lms mp-matchmaking mp-teams multipleendings multipleworlds obligation obsoletedassets orbitalweapons persistentminions psychics pvp quitsave resuscitation retreating rewardingvandalism rockets saveanywhere sciencefantasy serious smokegrenades socialnetwork spacecraft-location spacefaringage spirithosts splatter steampowered steamworks suppressivefire tactical tangibleabstracts tanks teleporting title-animated tutorial uvl-tiein vehiclepainting voicechat walkers warfare-land wh40k widescreen wintery wreckage xp-shared single player, LAN, Internettextured polygonsen, fr, de, it, splabelminimizeminimize