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Dungeon Hack author? labelminimizeminimize
Dust: An Elysian Tail Humble Hearts? labelminimizeminimize
RanaRemake CEZ Games Studio? labelminimizeminimize
Majesty Gold Edition Linux Game Publishing (Tribsoft)2003MSRP: ? (later reduced)
This is a proprietary commercial game.
ID: 8
Real-time strategy. For PC and Apple flavors of Linux.
A single CD comes in a DVD-style case. Requires Kernal 2.2.x+, glibc-2.1+, XFree86 3.3.x+, 166 MHz x86, or 166 MHz PPC Processor, 48MB, 410 MB, 4xCD Rom drive, 8MB Graphics card, OSS Compatible soundcard.
Overlord Codemasters (Triumph Studios)2007 labelminimizeminimize
Overlord II  Codemasters (Triumph Studios)2009 labelminimizeminimize
Eschalon: Book II  My Game Company;Basilisk Games (Basilisk Games)2010Secret of Fathamurk is a free content expansion that was added with patch version 1.05.***Latest version: 1.06 (as of 2010-09-02)
[quote=Basilisk Games]1.06 is compiled with the latest libraries on Ubuntu 10.04. This might make the game incompatible with your system.[/quote]
HOARD Big Sandwich Games2012 labelminimizeminimize
Crystal Kingdom author2013 labelminimizeminimize
Dungeons II: A Game of Winter  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2015 labelminimizeminimize
Kingdom  Raw Fury (Noio;Licorice)2015 labelminimizeminimize
METRO 2033 Redux  Deep Silver (4A Games)2015 labelminimizeminimize
Crimsonland 10tons Entertainment2015 labelminimizeminimize
Dungeons II  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2015 labelminimizeminimize
Dungeons II: A Chance of Dragons  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2016 labelminimizeminimize
Dungeons II: A Clash of Pumpkins  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2016 labelminimizeminimize
Dungeons II: A Song of Sand and Fire  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2016 labelminimizeminimize
Overlord: Raising Hell Codemasters (Triumph Studios;Virtual Programming)2016 labelminimizeminimize
X-Blades  Topware Interactive (Gaijin Entertainment)2016 labelminimizeminimize
Kingdom: New Lands Raw Fury Games (Noio;Licorice)2016 labelminimizeminimize
Dungeons III  Kalypso Media Digital (Realmforge Studios)2017 labelminimizeminimize
Chasm Bit Kid2018[b]Are you ready to explore the depths?[/b]

Chasm is a 2D Platformer Action-RPG currently in development for Windows, Mac, & Linux. Taking equal inspiration from hack ‘n slash roguelikes (procedurally generated dungeons, loot drops, etc) and Metroidvania-style platformers, the game aims to immerse you in its 2D fantasy world full of exciting treasure, deadly enemies, and abundant secrets.

Players take up the role of a soldier passing through a remote mining town on their journey home from a long war. The town’s miners have recently disappeared after breaching a long-forgotten temple far below the town, and reawakened an ancient slumbering evil. Now trapped in the town by supernatural forces, you’re left with no option but to explore the mines below, battle enemies and bosses, and increase your abilities in hopes of finally escaping and returning home.[sic]