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Waking Mars Tiger Style2012 2090s 21stcentury acid aliens asianprotagonist autozoom biorobots cave columnarjointing commercial cpplanguage customengine desura disappearingplatforms download extraterrestrial facebookconnect falldamage fasttravel future grapplers healingstations indie jetpack lava license-proprietary lutris mars martians multipleendings noantagonist nocombat nohealthregen npcharvesting quake scientistprotagonist screenshake sdl steampowered systemsdriven ubuntu undefinedelements vorbis labelminimizeminimize
A Dark Room Continuities2015 4ormoreresources bartering crafting humanresources infiniteresources interactivefiction inventory java langnorse langturkish langukrainian langvietnamese license-mpl limitedsupplies logistics looting lostresources manualharvesting meleeweapons multipurposeresource naturalistic npcharvesting resourceallocation resourcecontrol resourcegeneration resourceharvesting resourceindustry resourceprocessing resourcetransfer saveanywhere shopping spears upkeep walking wordinput A stranger stumbles into your forest shelter while you stoke your fire. She offers to build a cart for you to transport firewood more efficiently. Then she offers to build animal traps. Eventually you receive the occasional visitor wanting shelter, firewood, or trade animal meat, fur, and teeth. Well how about building a tannery, workshop, lodgings, a trading post, and huts; heck just build a village. With a village full of people you can go exploring for monsters and dungeons. Or would it be best to craft your own dungeons to attract treasure hording monsters to raid using knights from your self built empire? Ya, this is pretty much a player crafted version of TOME. labelminimizesubject