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S T A R   T R E K  author1972 labelminimizeminimize
S T A R   T R E K  author1974This is a turn based text graphics display game. The game world and objects are shown as symbols on a grid. Players navigate to different areas of space using 3 levels of zoom (overview, quadrant, sector) searching for Klingons. They may attack them with wide field phasers with a range based on how much energy the player allots when fired. Or they can attack with a potentially long range photon torpedo which must be aimed much more precisely. Shields can be activated but require energy like phasers, only continually during use. The enterprise also has long range scanners to locate sectors with Klingon vessels and friendly star bases to refuel energy. The game ends when the Enterprise, or a quota of Klingon vessels are destroyed, or time runs out. Score is awarded based on these three factors plus damage taken and inflicted.

Creators actually got permission from Paramount Pictures to use Star Trek trademarks in this game (decades after the game had gained popularity)