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Syberia Dreamcatcher (Microïds;Mindscape)2008Syberia will be available on Nintendo DS soon!

Produced by Microïds and developed by Tetraedge Games, Syberia will be released in October 2008 and published by Mindscape throughout Europe.

While trying to remain faithful to the famous original PC game, developers redesigned the DS version, puzzle by puzzle, to optimize the specific features of the DS and make full use of the stylus. The aim is to provide gamers with a more immersive experience by allowing them to control their movements directly.

The game will be intuitive with a simplified ergonomic interface. For example, the inventory will be coupled with a scaled-down, dynamic inventory always available on the touch-sensitive screen; the dialog interface will offer more enjoyable 2D encounters... Similarly, the graphics will also be optimized for the console to maintain all the beauty of the original: the Tetraedge engine displays real 3D characters in pre-generated, but remastered scenes perfectly geared towards the DS. The cutscenes (approximately 15 minutes) and soundtrack will be adapted to the performance of the DS, but kept in their entirety.

A truly different way of playing or replaying Syberia!