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Digger Chan Aypok;Playgeneration2011action/reflex puzzle single playerraster[media=youtube]qIeD-Y5LODA[/media]
Flight of Pigarus Kagesan2018shooter Humorous single playerThat's all it takes to reach the top. The relentless onslaught of your opponents seems unstoppable, and time is running out fast. Can you master the ultimate challenge? The odds are stacked against you, but you never know: Pigs may fly...! en
Flip Flap Bradley Garlick2015action/reflex Science Fiction single playerThis game is a port of the popular mobile phone game, Flappy Bird. I assume a lot of people have already played this, but if you haven't, the game is fairly simple: You control a bird (or in this version, Opa-Opa) and tap the screen (press 1 or 2) to flap your wings and go up a bit, but gravity will quickly pull you back down. The aim of the game is to fly through the small openings in an endless stream of pipes without touching a pipe or the floor. Each set of pipes you pass gives you 1 point. The physics of the game makes it quite challenging, and it is fun to compete with others for the top score. en
The Simpsons Trivia (StevePro Studios)2017trivia/quiz Cartoon single playerThe Simpsons is a hit TV show that has become a world wide phenomenon.

Therefore, it seems only natural to build a Simpsons Trivia game for the SMS!