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King of the Monsters  Takara;Sega (SNK)1993From the game box:

News Flash! Building-sized monsters are duking it out in the middle of the city! Seaports are being totally obliterated! Major cities have been completely demolished! The population is fleeing! There's destruction on a massive scale! And there's still two minutes left in the round!
King of the Monsters 2 Takara (SNK)1994 labelimageminimize
Streets of Rage 3  Sega;Tec Toy;Samsung (AM7)1994Just when you thought the world was safe from the Syndicate and its shady leader, Mr. X, they have returned to torment the city once again. Mr. X has developed lifelike robots to take the place of various city officials so he can be in complete control. Now it's up to our old heroes Axel, Skate and Blaze to stop the threat with their amazing fighting skills. With more weapons and combat moves, as well as secret characters and various endings, this return to the streets is one you won't want to miss. labelimagesubject