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TowerMadness  Limbic Software2009TowerMadness is an epic 3D Tower Defense Strategy Game featuring:
* High-performance 3D graphics with multitouch pan and zoom, so you can view the action from your favorite angle
* Meticulously crafted and polished gameplay
* Challenging path-finding enemy AI
* 16 enemy types
* 9 weapon types with 5 upgrades each (Plasmatron, Laser Cannon, Railgun, Mortar, Guided Missiles, Flak, ElectroSlow, ElectroShock, and ElectroBoost), and an ultimate weapon – the Nuke!
* 18 maps (includes both open field and fixed path style maps)
* Endless Mode: See how many waves you can withstand!

Madness Online:
* Free downloadable content released regularly
* Global leaderboards with daily, weekly, and all-time rankings
* Advanced replay technology lets you show off your games and learn new strategies by watching others
* Compete for cash prizes
* Share games through Twitter, Facebook, or email