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Bejeweled Twist PopCap Games;Tectoy;Zeebo Inc. (PopCap Games;Vega Mobile)2009puzzle bejeweled-series bejeweledtwist shariki-like tilecyclepuzzle visualmatching single playerrasterBejeweled Twist is a game of puzzle created and published PopCap Games, released on October 17, 2008.***Rotate, combine, burst ... WOW!

Welcome to a new and fun way to play Bejeweled!

Prepare for a colorful and strategic move as you turn and match explosive gems for a wave of fun.

Rotate jewels freely to get electrifying combos, outwit obstacles, and destroy gems of high tension.

Face the strategic challenge of the classic mode, or just train and relax in the Zen way You will find several ways to win, regardless of shape and strategy to play.