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Apotheon Alientrap Games2015 antiquity apocalyptic axes blocking bludgeons chosenone crafting crafting-sites dark-limited defensebreaking deities dodging doors drm dropplatforms enemyhealthdisplay gianthumanoids gog grecoromanmythology greekpotteryart healthpickups interactivedialogs inventory inversekinematics itemdurability javelins knives knockback ladders lamp lockpicking loot-random loot-unexpected map meleeweapons nodrm nudity opengl osx osx-10 osx-7 polearms raiders rating-pegi-16 rats shields shopping skeletalanimation splatter steampowered stylized swords throwanything thrownweapons tumbling uvl-steamcoveragecheck walking labelminimizeminimize
Rage  Bethesda Softworks (id Software)2011 aimmode ammotypes arid assaultrifles biogrowth boomerangs buggy bunker cancelled canyon capacity-unlimited charging city compass corpselooting crossbows crystals cyborgs deployables difficulty dissolvingcorpses doors driving earth elevators empgrenades empweapons endlessopposition energyweapons explosiveobjects falldamage fictionalelement fromanothertime future gambling gianthumanoids giants grenadecooking grenades gunclubbing handguns healingitems healthregen healthregen-fast hideout hospital humanexperiments idtech5 indicator-route interactivetriggers inventory invisiblewalls ironsights itemglow ladders locationinfo minigames minimap mobilebombs mutants neutralnpcs news nofriendlyfire nohealthdisplay npcinjuries objectiveclairvoyance objectiveindicator openended optionaltasks osx outlaws overkill playerstats postapocalypse powerplant precisionrifles prison quadbike racing radar rating-esrb-t rebellion refinery reload-auto reload-manual remotecontrol robots ruins safezone saveanywhere secondwind secretfacility secrets sewers shopping shotguns splatter stealth subway suicideattackers tasktracker telescope temporarycompanions thrownweapons town trampling unknownpast unusualprotagonist unvoicedprotagonist upgradesystem walking wasteland weaponupgrades OSX version was cancelled at some point. labelminimizeminimize
Risk of Rain Chucklefish (Hopoo Games)2014 abilitycooldown adv-objects adv-static aimdirlimit blankprotagonist blindacquisitions bossbattles bossmeter charging classbased colossi consistentdamage criticalchance crowdfunded damageinfo damageovertime demo difficulty-time dodging encounters-popup endlessopposition enemyhealthdisplay extraterrestrial falldamage firearms flatterrain flyingjellyfish gamemaker giantcrustaceans gianthumanoids giantmonsters giants giantworms healthdrops healthpickups healthregen humblestore humblewidget indie invincibilityframes isolatedlocale itempickup-attract itempickup-auto jumping jumppads knockback ladders leveluprestoration limitlessenergy mapgenerator monsters mp-cooperative mycoids openal overheal overpenetration paidkilling passivebonanza permadeath persistentprogression pixeldoubling playerstats powerups prematurechallenge randommaps roguelike sauroids score sdl shopping skeletonkey steampowered stranded stunning teleport tooltips toxins undefinedelements unknownpast unlimitedammo unlockable-characters unlockable-classes unlockable-items upgradesystem vorbis walking waterfalls xp-drops xp-kills xp-objects labelimageminimize
Serious Sam 3: BFE  Devolver Digital (Croteam)2012 22ndcentury achievements achievements-public achillesheelfoes africa alieninvasion alienmenace aliens alone anticipatorysightings anticipatorystockpiles apocalyptic assaultrifles bludgeons bombs bossbattles centauroids chainreactions chargers city city-cairo-eg city-karnak-eg city-luxor-eg colossi cyborgs dark-limited destructibleenvironment distortedvision earth egypt encounters-popup energyweapons environmentalaudio excavation exoticweapons fallbackweapon finishingmoves future gianthumanoids giantmonsters giants giantworms gibs gore grotesque handcannons handguns headless helicopters ingamecinematics insectoids instantkillers itemglow jetpack jumping knockback ladders lamp latestart lostequipment machineguns macho magic mode-survival monsters mp-cooperative museum npcdeflection nudity oopitems openended overheal precisionrifles precursors pseudocheats ragers reload-auto reload-manual remotedetonators rockets rotaryguns ruins score screenshake screenstaining secrets sequelhook serioussam shotguns skeletons splatter steampowered steamworks suicideattackers swarmers temple throwback translator turrets walking walkingarmory wallcrawlers labelminimizeminimize
Shadow Warrior  Devolver Digital (Flying Wild Hog)2014 alternateattack ambientcreatures antivillain asianprotagonist autosavepoints bink bossbattles bossmeter cave cemetery chapters chargedattack chargers chargingweapons chinese-theme colossi combomoves companion counselor criticalchance crossbows dark-limited dashing demonicmenace demons dimensionaltravel dock dodging dualwielding eastereggs elevators explosiveobjects fallimpact firearms flamethrowers fmod fovoption freeslicing fxaa gianthumanoids giants gibs glowingeyes gog gore guidedweapons handguns havokphysics healingdevice healthpickups hearts humblestore humblewidget interactionhighlight invisiblewalls itemglow jumping karmiccreatures keys lamp locationaldamage magic mansion meleeweapons minibosses minotaurs monsters mountain multibarrelguns mystics npcteleporting nudity-inhuman oriental overheal overkill playerexposition prologue ragers reboot recycledtitle reload-manual roadhogengine rockets sciencefantasy screenstaining secretfacility secrets sewers sex-inhuman shadowwarrior-series shallowwater shotguns shrine skeletons skipnoninteractive smokes spawners splatter ssao steampowered stereoscopic stylebonus submachineguns swords throwingstars town upgradesystem varietybonus walking watercraft-location waterfalls weaponplot weaponupgrades wintery labelminimizeminimize
Tomb Raider  Feral Interactive (Crystal Dynamics)2014 2010s actionadventure adv-intermediary adv-perks adv-ptdistr ammotypes animals archeologistprotagonist armyofone assaultrifles axes backstabbing beach bink bossbattles bows bunker cablecars cave cc chickens collectibles communicator contemporaryfantasy corpselooting counterattacks cover-destructible coversystem crystalengine cultists cutsceneincompetence dark-limited depthoffield derelictgraveyard diaries dirtyfighting displacementfiction distortedvision distracting dodging earth environmentalpuzzle eternalfires explosiveobjects falldamage fallimpact fasttravel fasttravel-points femaleprotagonist firearms fmod fofindicator forest fxaa gianthumanoids gore grenadewarning hammerspace handguns healthregen healthregen-fast horizontalbars iceaxe improvisedweapons ingamecinematics interactionhighlight invisiblewalls island japanese-theme jumping ladders lamp langarabic launcher ledges locationaldamage lunatics map metroidvania monkeybars motionblur mp-teams npcinjuries objectiveindicator ogres oopitems originstory osx osx-9 paranormal playerprogression prematuredetonation prerenderedcinematics present quicktimeevent rain rating-acb-ma15 rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-18 reboot recycledtitle resuscitation ruins samurai screenshake selfsacrifice sequelhook sequence-turret shallowwater shantytown shotguns skipnoninteractive slowmotion speech-japanese speech-russian splatter ssaa ssao stealth stealth-sight stealth-sound steampowered stereoscopic stranded submachineguns summery temple timespan-days tombraider tombraider-2013 tressfx tumbling undead unduehaste unlockable-art upgradesystem uvl-confusable voicechat volcanic volcano walking waterfalls weaponupgrades weirdvision wilderness windy wintery wolves xp-kills xp-method xp-objects youngadultprotagonist ziplines * Take control of Lara Croft and guide her progress from amateur archeologist to seasoned adventurer.
* From death-defying leaps to grueling climbs, harness Lara’s athleticism to carve a path through the untamed wilderness of a mysterious island.
* Salvage scrap to upgrade your equipment, such as rope arrows and the pry axe, then use them to access new areas and discover concealed treasure.
* Take up arms as Lara’s shipmates or the Yamatai scavengers and survive together in exhilarating online multiplayer.
Deadly 30 Headup Games;Meridian4 (Headup Games)2013 1940s 20thcentury achievements assaultrifles barricading bathos bunker circadiancycle distortedvision firearms forest gianthumanoids group group-switch healingitems humor-toilet indie karmiccreatures mountain nopointercapture obsoletedassets periodicdangers platformexclusive precisionrifles predefinedcontrols reload-auto reload-manual rewardingvandalism rural shopping shotguns singlegenderopposition steampowered strangebedfellows submachineguns timepiece turrets undead undeadanimals upgradesystem worldwar2 zombieapocalypse zombies labelminimizeminimize
Jotun  Thunder Lotus Games2015 afterlife autozoom axes bossbattles bossmeter crowdfunded deadprotagonist download exploration femaleprotagonist gianthumanoids indie meleeweapons norsemythology screenshake slipperysurfaces warriorprotagonist wasteland wintery labelminimizeminimize
The Banner Saga Versus Evil (Stoic Studio)2013 actionsystem adobeair alternatingprotagonist autosavepoints chapters crowdfunded defensebreaking episodic flash fmod gianthumanoids grid grid-square humanoids indie interactivedialogs legaldisputes lowfantasy middleagedprotagonist mode-practice morale narrativedriven parentprotagonist rotoscoping steampowered subtitledeficient tacticalrpg thebannersaga uvl-steamcoveragecheck vikings wintery labelminimizeminimize