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Shadowfax Postern1983 archaicearth arda book earth horses incarnateddivines lotr magic mystics riding uchronia unlicensed wraiths enlabelimageminimize
The Dallas Quest Datasoft;U.S. Gold1984 ♫brahmslullaby ♫rowyourboat 1980s 20thcentury aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-location airport anacondas arid bigcats birds cannibals cattle city-dallas-tx city-parker-tx city-plano-tx coconuts companion crazedanimals digging domesticcats earth fasttravel giantanimals giantrats giantrodents giantspiders helicopters hippo horses house interactivefiction inventory jaguars jewelry jungle ladders lamp langsnamericanenglishdialects langtexasdialects latemodernperiod longhorns magical magicrings map monkeys northamerica owls parrots peru plains playapeligro precisionrifles primates rats realworld river rodents rural shovels smokes snakes southamerica spiders testudines texas tombstones town trapdoors tvseries usa vultures walking watercraft-small weather en, otherlabelimagesubject
Harvey Smith Showjumper  Software Projects (Team Sanyo)1985 horses riding showjumping enlabelimageminimize
Outlaws Ultimate Play The Game1985 horses lives riding score western enlabelimageminimize
Super Rider Firebird (Interag)1985 horsegame horses riding showjumping enlabelimageminimize
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar Origin1985 ♫rulebritannia adv-deeds adv-intermediary adv-objects adv-static aerostat alcohol amoeboids axes beggars beholders bizarrecreatures blackpearls bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows cannons captives capturedresources children chiroptera chosenone crossbows cyclopes dark-limited demonoids demons directionalforce directionalforce-wind dragons encounters-neutral encounters-popup encounters-seen ettins europeanfae femaleprotagonist forest fromanotherworld garlic genderchoice ghosts giantinsects giantseahorses giantspiders giantsquids gremlins group guards healingitems hiddenattributes horses hotairballoon hydrae inbuilttraps incendiarygrenades insects inventory jesters karma knives lake lava liches lockpicking lutris maelstroms magic magicweapons meleeweapons mimics monsters mystics neutralnpcs nixies ocean orcs otherworld outlaws pirates polearms present prophets rats refwizardofoz resting resuscitation riding river rodents ruins sailing sauroids seaserpents shallowwater shopping shore skeletons slings snakes sorcery spectres staves subterranean swarmers swords teleporting thrownweapons tornados town traps treants tripeds trolls ultima ultimaageofenlightenment undead walking watercraft watercraft-medium wetland willowisps willowtrees windindicator wordinput xp-deeds xp-kills xp-literal xp-multi xp-objects enlabelimageminimize
Train Robbers Firebird1987 horses lives outlawprotagonist riding score western enlabelimageminimize
Circus Games Tynesoft1988 circus horses multisport riding tigers uvl-confusable enlabelimageminimize
First Past the Post Cult Software1988 horseracing horses sportsmanagement enlabelimageminimize
Kane II  Mastertronic1988 horses lawenforcerprotagonist riding score trains western enlabelimageminimize
Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show  Tynesoft1989 horses multisport riding western enlabelimageminimize
Classic Punter GTI Software1989 gambling horseracing horses enlabelimageminimize
Hillsfar  SSI (Westwood Associates)1989 5.25disk adnd classbased dataimport dnd dwarves elves forgottenrealms genderchoice group halflings horses lockpicking magic medieval meleeweapons multiclassing multisequence orcs protagonistnaming riding specieschoice weefolk enlabelimageminimize
Springreiten CP Verlag1989 horses magazinecover riding showjumping delabelimageminimize
War in Middle Earth Melbourne House (Maelstrom Games)1989 archaicearth arda battleofpelennorfields book dwarves earth elves fragileprotagonist halflings highfantasy horses humans incarnateddivines lotr magicrings meleeweapons mystics openworld pelennorfields polearms secrets spears swords uchronia weefolk enlabelimageminimize
Daily Double Horse Racing CDS Software;Artworx Software1990 gambling horseracing horses enlabelimageminimize
Dynasty Wars U.S. Gold (Tiertex)1990 2ndcentury asia-east beltscroller china chineseimperialera horses sanguoyanyi score tenchiwokurau enlabelimageminimize
Kentucky Racing Alternative Software (Bizarre Developments)1990 cassette commercial horseracing horses joystick license-proprietary enlabelimageminimize
Back to the Future Part III  Image Works (Probe Software)1991 alternatingprotagonist backtothefuture horses movie multisequence riding timetravel western enlabelimageminimize
Wrath of the Demon ReadySoft1991 dragons horses meleeweapons monsters riding unarmedfighting enlabelimageminimize