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The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown  Electronic Arts (Interplay)1985 labelimageminimize
Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar Origin1985
[48]***port from AP2***Ultima IV is an RPG like none other before or since. There is no final boss to defeat and no princess (or artifact) to liberate. Rather, this game puts you on an almost spiritual journey to improve yourself in eight 'virtues' - Humility, Spirituality, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honesty, and so on. Just about anything you can do in the game affects how you progress down this road: You must not steal, run from battles, or attack retreating enemies if you have any hope of winning the game. Once you have fully developed your eight virtues, you become the 'Avatar' - the embodiment of all that is good in Humanity - and the true nature of the quest is revealed. This unique RPG is definitely not for everybody, but it's still worth a try... especially for people who believe there can be nothing worthwhile in a video game.***Comes on two 5.25 inch disks, 4 sides, optionally supports 2 drives.