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Cowboy Spectrum Computing1984Only released on the cover tape of the electronic magazine "Spectrum Computing" issue #09 and the Spanish issue #2. labelimageminimize
Glug Glug CRL1984 labelimageminimize
Strangeloop  Virgin Games1984 labelimageminimize
Commando  Elite1985
[8]***[media=youtube]xpdR9aozYVM[/media]***A superb vertical shoot-em up (great arcade conversion) which is very, very playable.
The screen often gets swamped with enemies, but unfortunately there is no 2 player mode to help you cope with this.
Bazooka Bill Melbourne House1986 labelimageminimize
Call Me Psycho Pirate Software (Binary Dynamics)1987 labelimageminimize
Deviants Players1987 labelimageminimize
Duet  Elite1987 labelimageminimize
Elevator Action Quicksilva (Binary Design)1987 labelimageminimize
Exolon Hewson1987 labelimageminimize
Flash Gordon  Mastertronic (Icon Design)1987 labelimageminimize
Game Over Dinamic;Imagine1987 labelimageminimize
Game Over II  Dinamic1987 labelimageminimize
Gun.Smoke  Topo Soft1987 labelimageminimize
Jail Break  Konami1987 labelimageminimize
Joe Blade Players1987 labelimageminimize
L.A. Swat  Mastertronic1987 labelimageminimize
Rapid Fire Mastertronic (Icon Design)1987 labelimageminimize
The Living Daylights  Domark (Walking Circles)1987 labelimageminimize
UCM: Ultimate Combat Mission  Mastertronic1987 labelimageminimize
Airborne Ranger Microprose (Canvas)1988 labelimageminimize
Chicago 30's  Topo Soft;U.S. Gold (Topo Soft)1988 labelimageminimize
Fernandez Must Die Image Works (Probe Software)1988 labelimageminimize
Fox Fights Back!  Image Works;Mirrorsoft (Denton Designs)1988 labelimageminimize
Mission Elevator Eurogold1988 labelimageminimize
Operation Wolf Ocean1988 labelimageminimize
Platoon Ocean1988 labelimageminimize
Robocop Ocean1988 labelimageminimize
Rolling Thunder U.S. Gold (Tiertex)1988 labelimageminimize
Techno Cop  Gremlin Graphics (Gray Matter)1988 labelimageminimize
Billy the Kid Codemasters;Mastertronic1989Codemasters released the game in 1989 exclusively to be used with a lightgun controller. A bit later Mastertronic re-released the game with a changed title screen and added joystick support. labelimageminimize
Cabal Ocean (Special FX)1989[media=youtube]Szi2pzqmwOY[/media] labelimageminimize
Cowboy Kidz Byte Back1989 labelimageminimize
Licence to Kill  Domark (Quixel)1989License to Kill is a multi-level, multi-role game - you take the controls of helicopters, boats and tankers, perform some death-defying parachute stunts and take to the seas for a spot of barefoot waterskiing. A steady aim and steady fire is needed - shoot from the hip and take out the "baddies." It's action-packed and closely follows the latest adventures of the world's best kept Secret Agent in the brand new and most exciting movie of them all. James Bond in License to Kill... appearing now on a small screen near you!***
Mambo Positive (Crom Software)1989 labelimageminimize
Moving Target Players (Tag Computer Games)1989 labelimageminimize
Operation Thunderbolt Ocean1989 labelimageminimize
Saigon Combat Unit Players1989 labelimageminimize
SAS Combat Simulator  Codemasters1989 labelimageminimize
The Running Man Grandslam (Emerald Software)1989 labelimageminimize
The Untouchables  Ocean1989 labelimageminimize
Clive Barker's Nightbreed: The Action Game  Ocean (Impact Software)1990 labelimageminimize
Crack Down U.S. Gold (Arc Developments)1990 labelimageminimize
ESWAT: Cyber Police  U.S. Gold (Creative Materials)1990 labelimageminimize
Quick Draw McGraw Hi-Tec Software (Twilight)1990 labelimageminimize
Sly Spy: Secret Agent Ocean (Software Creations)1990 labelimageminimize
Spaghetti Western Simulator Zeppelin Games1990 labelimageminimize
The Bounty Hunter Codemasters1990 labelimageminimize
Wild Streets Titus1990 labelimageminimize