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Klonoa: Door to Phantomile  Namco1997Klona, a cat-like character with wings attached to his ears, dreams that an airship crashes violently into a hill. When the dream comes true, Klona and his friend Huepow go to investigate. Guide Klona through 12 levels of action as he tries to discover the reason for his dream. However, this is not peaceful process, and Klona will have to defeat several bad guys to discover the truth. Discover what is really happening in KLONA: Door to Phantomile.***European version
[32]***Japanese version
[32]***Japanese version
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Diablo  Electronic Arts (Blizzard;Climax Group)1998Travel through 16 randomly created level as you try to kill the King of Hell in Diablo. Play as a warrior, sorcerer, or rogue, and battle zombies, demons, and skeletons. Luckily, all of these pests are dispatched with swords, clubs, arrows, and a little magic. When requested, tackle additional quests from the villagers. All of the action is better than ever thanks to new lighting effects and the new double-speed mode. Experience a trip to Hell and back in Diablo.***
[27]***Sharpen your sword and brush up on your magic skills. In Diablo, you'll be wandering through 15 thrilling and exciting levels with incredibly detailed characters, monsters, and animations. Choose one of three character classes, including the rogue, the sorcerer, or the warrior. The great aspects of this game are the 15 levels of dungeons which are generated randomly, so you play a different game each time, and the amazing variety of items, magic, and monsters encountered while tackling the game's many quests.
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Eidos (Crystal Dynamics)1999Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver pushes the limits of adventure gaming with incredibly fluid graphics and realistic environments. As Raziel, stalk Nosgoth feeding upon the souls of your enemies as you seek to destroy your creator - Kain. Battle five different clans of vampires as you explore a vast 3D world dominated by a ruthless dynasty. Master complex puzzles with your unprecedented ability to interact with objects. Features real-time morphing, shift between the material and spectral realms. Discover the mysteries of Nosgoth, a millenium after Kain's ascension, as you uncover your own twisted past. Also features seamless game play, No load times, Grim gothic story supported with full-motion animation, and in-game cinematic events and compelling voice-over.***
[27]***It is one thousand years after Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. Raziel, once a mighty vampire and lieutenant of Kain, rises from eternal banishment where Kain put him out of jealous rage. Now, after having been freed by the Elder God, Raziel is out to free the world from the dreaded vampire clans and to destroy Kain himself!
The shadows of Nosgoth is a vast 3D world packed with deadly creatures, amazing graphics, and spectacular special effects. During his quest, Raziel survives by feeding on the souls of the undead and as Raziel defeats his enemies, he gains abilities and weapons that will allow him to ultimately challenge Kain himself.***Several hundreds of years after Kain decided to damn Nosgoth, he is now the Master of Nosgoth. He has 6 vampire lieutenants, one of which he will punish for an apparent reason of jealousy of the lieutenant developing a dark gift before the Master.

The lieutenant, Raziel, is condemned to destruction by being cast in the Lake of the Dead, but he is somehow saved from total annihilation by an unknown entity called the Elder God. He then vows vengeance against his former master, but when he returns to the material world he finds that much has changed.

This game is fully 3D and has been wrongly compared to Tomb Raider. The controls are actually good and precise, the 3D engine was the best of its time with very large and detailed environments. Raziel is no longer a typical vampire: instead of drinking blood, he devours souls, and has actually become a vampire hunter. He kills vampires by various means such as impalement or immolation. He can also shift back and forth between the spirit/spectral realm and the material realm when need be.

A bit later in the game he will find the Soul Reaver, but a different version of the sword than from Blood Omen: it's a spectral sword that is fused to his body and his very being. The Soul Reaver will become a key element in the Legacy of Kain storyline.
Battle Tanx: Global Assault  3DO2000You are Griffen Spade; Battlelord in the year 2006. The world has become a post-apocalytic urban wasteland, but your son holds the key to future humanity. Without the Battle TAnx game's assault vehicle at your command, you must defeat the evil QueenLord and her own wicked plan to dominate the world. Battle will lead you to foreign soil, where it's all-out global warfare! Including amazing effects, 13 powerful tanks, 40 game levels, deadly weaponry, and great multiplayer gameplay.***