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...Iru!  Takara1998dlabelimageminimize
'98 Koushien  Magical Company2000labelimageminimize
'99 Koushien  Magical Company1999dlabelimageminimize
0 Kara no Shogi: Shogi Youchien Ayumi Kumi  Affect1999labelimageminimize
0 Kara no Shogi: Shogi Youchien Ayumi Kumi R  Affect2000labelimageminimize
007 Racing Electronic Arts (Eutechnyx)2000dlabelimagesubject
007: The World is Not Enough  Electronic Arts (Black Ops Entertainment)2000clabelimagesubject
007: Tomorrow Never Dies  Electronic Arts (Black Ops Entertainment)1999dlabelimagesubject
10101: 'Will' the Starship  Sony Computer Entertainment (Sound Technology)1997aminimizeimageminimize
102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue  Eidos (Crystal Dynamics)2000dlabelimagesubject
19:03 Agano Hatsu Yakou Ressha  Visit1999minimizeimageminimize
19:03 Ueno Hatsu Yakou Ressha Visit1999minimizeminimizeminimize
20 Seiki Striker Retsuden  Virgin (Dazz)2000labelimageminimize
2002 FIFA World Cup  Electronic Arts (EA Sports)2002dlabelimagesubject
2999 Game Kids  Sony Computer Entertainment1998minimizeimageminimize
2Xtreme  Sony Computer Entertainment (989 Studios)1996dlabelimagesubject
3, 2, 1 Smurf! My First Racing Game  Infogrames (Artificial Mind + Movement)2000dlabelimagesubject
360  Cryo Interactive (Smart Dog)1999dminimizeimageminimize
3D Baseball  Crystal Dynamics1996dlabelimagesubject
3D Lemmings  Psygnosis (Clockwork Games)1995dlabelimagesubject
3D Shooting Tsukuru  ASCII (Success)1996minimizeimageminimize
3D-Kaleidoscope Baby Universe  Sony Computer Entertainment1997minimizeimageminimize
3x3 Eyes - Kyuusei Koushu  Xing (Xing Entertainment)1995elabelimageminimize
3x3 Eyes - Tenrin Oh Genmu  King Records1998elabelimageminimize
3Xtreme  Sony Computer Entertainment (989 Sports)1999dlabelimagesubject
4-4-2 Soccer Virgin (Arc Developments)1997labelimageminimize
40 Winks  GT Interactive (Eurocom Entertainment Software)1999dlabelimagesubject
4X4 World Trophy  Infogrames1999dlabelimageminimize
5 Star Racing Phoenix Games Group (Kung Fu)2003dlabelimageminimize
70's Robot Anime: Geppy-X  Aroma1999blabelimageminimize
A Boy's Life  Success1999minimizeimageminimize
A Bug's Life  Sony Computer Entertainment (Traveller's Tales)1998dlabelimagesubject
A Bug's Life Activity Centre  Sony Computer Entertainment (Disney)1999labelminimizeminimize
A Collection of Activision Classic Games for the Atari 2600  Activision (Learning Technologies Interactive)1998blabelimagesubject
A Collection of Classic Games from the Intellivision  Activision (Learning Technologies Interactive)1999labelimagesubject
A Nanjarin  To One1998minimizeimageminimize
A Ressha de Gyoukou Z  ArtDrink (ArtDink)1999alabelimageminimize
A. IV Evolution Artdink1994labelminimizeminimize
A. IV Evolution Global  ArtDink;Maxis;SCEE (ArtDink)1995llabelimageminimize
A.IV. Evolution: A Ressha de Ikou 4  ArtDink1994allabelimageminimize
A5: A Ressha de Gyoukou 5  Artdink (ArtDink)1997alabelimageminimize
AbalaBurn  Takara (Tamsoft)1998dlabelimageminimize
Ace Combat 2 Namco1997cd4labelimagesubject
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere Namco1999dlabelimagesubject
Aces of the Air  D3 Publisher;Agetec (Highwaystar)2002dlabelimagesubject
Acid Taki1999dminimizeimageminimize
Aconcagua Sony Computer Entertainment2000dminimizeimageminimize
Action Bass Syscom;Take 2 Interactive (Syscom Entertainment)2000dlabelimagesubject
Action Man: Operation Extreme  Hasbro (Blitz Games)2000alabelimagesubject
Action Puzzle: Prism Land Hect2000minimizeimageminimize
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