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1000 Miles author1987 labelimageminimize
1863 Chancellorsville Sheldon-Ash1985 labelminimizeminimize
1990 Ford Simulator II The SoftAd Group1989 labelimageminimize
3 in Three Inline Design1991 labelminimizeminimize
3D Tic Tac Toe author1987This is a 3x3x3 Tic-Tac-Toe game in 3D perspective view. It is a different game from another created by the same author. labelminimizeminimize
3D Tic Tac Toe author1987This is a 4x4x4 Tic-Tac-Toe game in 2D view. It is a desktop applet with all four board levels presented side-by-side. It is a different game from another created by the same author. labelminimizeminimize
3rd Floor author1987 labelminimizeminimize
3Wiz!  author1990 labelimageminimize
A Mess O' Trouble author1994 labelimageminimize
A-Train Artdink;Maxis (Artdink;The Dreamer's Guild)1992 labelminimizeminimize
Action-Strategy Baseball author1994 labelminimizeminimize
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Queen of Krynn  SSI (MicroMagic)1992The third and final chapter in The Dragonlance Epic.

Also sold in:
The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Archive
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Collector's Edition 1994 MacSoft
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pools of Darkness  SSI (SSI Special Projects Team)1992
[37]***The fourth and final chapter in The Forgotten Realms Epic.

Also sold in:
The Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Archive
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Collector's Edition 1994 MacSoft
Adventure Epiboly Software (author)1988 labelminimizeminimize
Adventure  James Associates1985 labelminimizeminimize
Air Attack II author1988 labelminimizeminimize
Air Hockey  author1987 labelminimizeminimize
All My Hummingbirds Have Alibis The Voyager Company1991 labelminimizeminimize
Alternate Reality: The City Datasoft (Paradise Programming)1986Highly detailed. Charters can developer conditions from improper nutrition, after a realistic time has past in the game. This can take several years of real world time. labelminimizeminimize
AmandaStories The Voyager Company1991 labelminimizeminimize
American Dream Blue Chip Software1984 labelminimizeminimize
Amps author1987Port of the UNIX game which was a port of the original C/PM game. labelminimizeminimize
Another Fine Mess Silicon Beach Software1992 labelimageminimize
Archon: The Light and the Dark Electronic Arts (Free Fall)1986The DRM used for this game is specific to the Mac Plus. The programmer knew that it would leave the game unplayable on any other hardware and protested but EA insisted. A unprotected version was made and packed away. It was leaked to a warez site many, many years later. But, the game also uses page-flipping hardware specific to the Mac plus. Apple decided to remove this under used feature from future models, so even the leaked DRM-free version will only run on a Mac Plus (and very few emulators). Electronic Arts vigilantly continues to this day to ensure that Archon for Mac Plus only remains playable for the very few people who bought it for their Mac Plus and the very, very small subset of those who kept their Mac Plus in use to this day. EA of course, no longer sells Archon for Mac. labelminimizeminimize
Arkanoid Discovery Software (Taito)1988 labelminimizeminimize
Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur Infocom1989
[17]***Published in 1989 by Infocom on 800k disk. Can be transferred to 400k disk.
The Lost Treasures of Infocom II published 1992 by Activision. Only included in the CD-ROM version. Not in the 3 1/2" disk version.***
[52]***Difficulty Level: | Junior | Introductory |[b]>>STANDARD<<[/b]| Advanced | Expert |
Ashes to Ashes... Stoneware1985 labelminimizeminimize
At the Carnival  Miles Computing1989 labelminimizeminimize
Atomino RGB Media (Blue Byte)1994 labelimageminimize
Aussie Joker Poker Mindscape (Joker Software)1987 labelminimizeminimize
Autoduel  Origin (Micro Magic)1988The copyright owner has specifically requested that this game not be made available at abandonware (illegal) sites and is enforcing their copyright for all versions of the game.***Based on the Steve Jackson Games series known as Car Wars. A pen-and-paper Simulation/RPG focusing on simulation of vehicular combat with RPG-like elements of vehicle design and maintenance and minor character RPG elements. In a post-apocalyptic future in the northeast of the former United States the highways between cities are battled over by gangs and vigilantes. Armed vehicles are the only protection for travelers, freight and information couriers, but those who operate outside the trappings of law and order use them also. Most of the cities are under rule of law and some even have an FBI presence. The player begins with their character in one such city and must raise the funds to buy and equip a vehicle in order to go on missions between cities. It is among these missions where the story of the game unfolds. In the mean time there are other missions and activities to fund the character. The gladiator inspired arenas have both vehicular and on-foot combat. The vehicular combat can be quick money and a loaner vehicle can be selected if a character doesn't own one yet and it is amateur night. But quick comes with risk. There's also poker and other things to do in town for lesser wages. labelminimizesubject
BackBay author1991 labelminimizeminimize
Balance of Power: The 1990 Edition  Mindscape1988 labelminimizeminimize
Balance of the Planet Brøderbund1990Distributed by Bøderbund, published by Chris Crawford. labelimageminimize
Baron: The Real Estate Simulation Blue Chip Software1984 labelminimizeminimize
Battle Chess Interplay1991 labelminimizeminimize
Battle Mac author1987 labelminimizeminimize
BattleStar Softdisk1992 labelminimizeminimize
Bedlam Ground Zero Software1994Different from [game=#211987]this game[/game]. labelminimizeminimize
Beehave Beehive author1993 labelminimizeminimize
Best Baseball author1989 labelminimizeminimize
Beyond Dark Castle Silicon Beach Software1987 labelimageminimize
Bezique author1992 labelminimizeminimize
Bill Elliot's Nascar Challenge Konami (Distinctive Software)1992 labelimageminimize
Black Box author1986Warez fans beware, this ancient game is known to be circulated with an ancient virus. labelminimizeminimize
Blind Watchmaker W. W. Norton1987 labelminimizeminimize
Block Out  California Dreams (PZK)1990 labelimageminimize
BMX - THE Racing Game author1986 labelminimizeminimize
Bouncing Balls! author1988Designer Andrew Welch would later found Ambrosia Software. labelminimizeminimize
Brataccas Mindscape (Psygnosis)1986 labelminimizeminimize
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